Terms and Conditions
The access to and use of the INKSYSTEM site www.ink-system.co.uk are subject to the Terms and Conditions. Please, read the following information carefully. Your continued use of this site will represent Your consent to be bound be the terms and conditions set forth below. If You do not agree to each or all of these terms and conditions, You must stop using this site.


1.1. The online store, operating on the ink-system.co.uk, is run by:

NIP: 527-264-88-87
Numer KRS: 0000380462
Dział sprzedaży:

ul. Dembowskiego 17a
02-784 Warszawa
Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o.
Skype: pl.inksystem
e-mail: info@inksystem.pl
GG: inksystem.pl

1.2. The INKSYSTEM TM offers its customers reliable and safe equipment that provides low-cost printing and significant savings on inkjet printing.

1.3. The ink-system.co.uk online store covers the United Kingdom and other European countries. The shipping costs can vary depending on the distance.


2.1. The Online store sells goods via the Internet.

2.2. Orders are accepted

- On the http://www.ink-system.co.uk
- By the e-mail: uk@insystem.com
- By phone: +48 22 490 67 53

2.3. Each order is to be confirmed by e-mail or by phone. It is to be confirmed by the manager.

2.4. The order from is to be filled in properly with correct information and automatically send it to us. We reserve the right to refuse orders that are dubious, i.e. the orders with no phone number or e-mail address.

2.5. All the prices are quoted in Great Britain pound and include VAT.

2.6. The Customer can cancel the order by phone or e-mail before the dispatch of the order.

2.7. For each order charged shipping costs are to be charged.

2.8. Orders will be processed in case the item is in stock. In case of unavailability of a product The Customer will be informed of the status of his order and decide on the manner of its implementation (partial realization, waiting for the product to be delivered to the stock, cancelation of the order).


3.1. Payment is to be made by using one of the following methods:

• Payment by PayPal/Credit Card
• Wire transfer.

More detailed information is presented on the ink-system.co.uk

3.2. The order is being processed no later than 2 working days after the payment is made by the Customer. This period may be extended in the case of a large number of orders, or the lack of goods in the warehouse. In this case, the Customer will be informed by the manager.

3.3. The Company is not responsible for any damage to the goods during the transfer. That is the liability of The Carrier to the “Complaint Protocol”.

3.4. The Customer MUST check the condition of the order when receive. In the case of a shipping damage or a lack of some of the goods ordered The Customer is to write that down in the presence of The Carrier. Without the written damage report at the time of delivery the damage claims cannot be considered. The Carrier or the Postman has to wait until You check Your order. If the order is damaged, The Customer has the right not to accept it and should immediately notify The Company via the telephone or via e-mail by attaching the visual proof (photo, video).

3.5. When received Your ready-to-use solution (Printer + CISS), check attached printed nozzle check. It proves that the machine was properly checked and was working properly without any problems before it was dispatched. After it’s being checked and dispatched full responsibility for the consequences rests with the transport company.

3.6. Estimated time of the delivery and the cost is specified on the web-site ink-system.co.uk. Delivery charges are subject to change of delivery companies’ charges.


4.1. Particular kinds of consumables for inkjet printing that are available in the store have Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o.’s Warranty.

4.2. Warranty by Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o. covers such consumables as CISS Continuous ink system, refillable cartridges, and ink is up to 24 months for individuals, up to 12 month – for companies. Warranty for printers is 12-24 months from the date of purchase (according to the manufacturer’s conditions). The Warranty for consumables can vary for specific models (for more details see The Warranty List).

4.3. INKSYSTEM Company does NOT provide warranty if CISS Continuous ink system or refillable cartridges were bought empty and without the inks.

4.4. The Warranty for the printer or MFD is provided by the manufacturer.

4.5. INKSYSTEM Company does NOT provide the Warranty for the products under any other trademark.

4.6. Using CISS or RC does not influence the official Warranty for the printer or MFD.

4.7. INKSYSTEM Company does not provide the Warranty for CISS-kit product. CISS-kit is for experienced users only. All responsibility for the above product and its installation are to be taken by the customer.

4.8. The original cartridges are not included – read carefully the description of the products!

4.9. Before shipping the goods are properly checked by a service technician.

4.10. If after receiving the order The Costumer notices any flaws with it, he should immediately call or e-mail INKSYSTEM Service Department. After consultation with the Service Department the faulty goods should be returned by mail or by the Carrier to the following address:

Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o.
02-784 Warszawa
ul. Dembowskiego 17a

4.11. Any complaints are to be made no later than 14 working days from date of receiving the order. In the case of a justified complaint the defective item will be repaired or replaced by another, if repair is not possible, Company will offer another product available in the store. In any case, the buyer is to pay the cost of delivery.

4.12. The complaint should include a description of the defect in the product.

4.13. The costs of a faulty product will be returned to the customer only after proper examination of it and the complaint is identified as valid.

4.14. Important!
a) The returned goods must be accompanied by an invoice or sales receipt.

b) The Warranty does not cover disposable supplies, which are subject to normal wear.

c) The Warranty is void in the following cases:

1. The product has a mechanical damage (chips, bending deflection, cracks, scratches, etc.);
2. Product’s identifications are removed;
3. There were already made the repair or replacement of internal parts;
4. The product was previously repaired in a third-party technical support representative who is not the Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o.;
5. The device has not been used as intended;
6. The device has been incorrectly installed by the user;
7. The ink used by the client is not an INKSYSTEM trademark or have been bought not from Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o. or official representatives of Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o.;
8. The print limit has exceeded over 25 000 prints (can vary for different models);

d) The Warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by the user, natural hazards, the impact of high temperatures or foreign objects, liquids, insects in the inner parts of the machine, by the negligence of the operating conditions (contrary to the instructions in the user manual).

During the maintenance, the replacement of the printer is not offered.


5.1. If you have some claims about the goods you've bought in our shop, you can return it during 14 days. The original package must be remained. When returning the product The Costumer is to read the Rules of the Company, for as follows:

a) The returned product must be accompanied by the receipt or invoice.

b) The cost of delivery of the order and will not be refunded.

c) The cost of returning the product is covered by the Costumer.

d) Properly packed products must be sent within 10 days to the Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o..

5.2. The returning of the product is not offered if customer refused from any kind of advisory service or maintenance.

5.3. If all the above conditions are met, The Company will immediately refund The Customer with the cost of the returned product.


6.1. Unless expressly agreed to the contrary, the contents of this website as well as its materials are protected by copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner for any other purpose without the prior written permission of Partnerzy INKSYSTEM Sp z o.o. or in accordance with the following terms.
The site is available only for personal, noncommercial use. In addition it is prohibited to reproduce any other part of this site, including but not limited to the structure, common style and program code.

6.2. You must be sure that any information that you may submit to us for any reason, will only be retained in accordance with the Data protection Acts1984 and 1998. For further details please read our privacy policy.

6.3. INKSYSTEM does everything to make the information on this website accurate, up-to-date, and complete. However, takes no responsibility of any kind for any errors or omissions or any losses in the content of the site. INKSYSTEM reserves the right to review, edit, and add text and conditions at any time without prior notice. Data on the site, configuration and specifications are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
All pictures and videos are provided for illustrative purposes only.

6.4. The Customer personal data protected in accordance with the Law on personal data shall not be transferred, sold, or lent to other people.