Advertising support
Finding customers and attracting potential customers are the main pillar on which a successful business is based. INKSYSTEM Corp. offers a powerful advertising support and conducts training  where you can learn who our potential customers are, how to attract and keep customers and how to make your business successful.

Advertising has to be effective. 90% of advertising budget is spent on the so-called “selling advertisement”, where our partners’ contacts are indicated. Attraction of new customers is the main result of the advertising support of INKSYSTEM company.
Your contact information will be indicated on:
•    the company’s web site in section “Partners network” which makes up to 1000 target visitors (viewers) per day;
•    in company’s e-store in section “Partners network” which counts up to 2000 target visitors (viewers) per day;
•    all the types of printed brochures which are for free with the goods to the representative offices, and which are also distributed at thematic exhibitions.

Types of advertising support for INKSYSTEM company representatives:

1. Internet advertising. The company’s Internet resources in general are visited by 3000 viewers every day. Many of them find the goods they need, then they find contacts of the representatives in their city and purchase through them. In other words, you do not look for a customer, but it is the customer who finds you with our help.
From the regions, where we have our representatives, all the orders are forwarded directly to the representative for processing. In such a way the representatives receive ready orders and clients in their region absolutely free. If there are several representatives, then the orders are forwarded in turn.

2. Promotional materials:

- flags
- banners
- three kinds of brochures for various occasions
- leaflets
- plastic name cards
- discount cards

Photographs of any kind of advertising products will be sent upon request.

All the advertising materials are supplied free of charge.

3. Training on marketing. Within the framework of a training course one of the main topics is the block “Marketing”. In this block we tell about successful and unsuccessful (!) experience of advertising campaigns by representatives in their regions. We analyze the efficiency of CISS advertising through different communication channels and give useful tips on advertising in your region.
During the training course you will also learn how to look for customers. The training course is divided into three directions:
- How to make the search for clients more efficiently
      a) who our potential customers are;
      b) where and how to look for customers.
- Attracting and keeping customers
      a) how to attract customers;
      b) main ways of attracting customers;
      c) attracting new customers and keeping the old ones.

4. Participation of the head office in big campaigns in your region. By agreement there is an option that the company will cover a part of expenses of organizing a mass and interesting advertising campaign which you will offer to hold in your town.

5. Exhibitions. Annually we take part in 5-8 international and state-supported exhibitions by the means of which we communicate with a great number of people from many parts of the country. In particular, during “Photoroom 2009” in Moscow more than 4000 people came to our stand every day.

6. Other kinds of advertising: banners, ads on poster panels, Yandex Direct, Google and many other types of advertising support won’t let you feel lack of clients. Besides, if you are not a lazybones then the profit from the bigger turnover will be higher.

Very often the search for new clients is simplified by the fact that the potential customers are themselves interested in buying the INKSYSTEM product. In this case the following order of events takes place:

1.    Potential customers are interested in purchasing this kind of product

2.    They find information about the product, quality, prices and other interesting issues

3.    The customers find your contacts and turn to you directly