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Epson Stylus Photo R2880

  • The Epson Stylus Photo R2880 is the perfect introduction into larger format printing. Produce superb, long-lasting results with the latest Epson print head and ink technology, whilst enjoying the widest media flexibility available on an A3+ photo printer

  • Attention! Original cartridges are not included!
    577.18£ 505.99 £
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Epson Stylus Photo R2880 with CISS
Buying a printer together with CISS is economically sound. Continuous Ink Supply System by INKSYSTEM ensures stable and qualitative printing and lessens your financial expenditures at the same time. While buying CISS with printer you start saving prior to printing as the cost of the set is lower than cost of both products separately.
Advantages of CISS:
  • containers of higher capacity
  • the most cost-effective printing
  • lower risk of printing system airing due to absence of contact between printing head and air while refill
Continuous Ink Supply System is a specially constructed ink containers of high capacity that ensure printing of higher amount of imprints per one refill. Printing becomes several times cheaper because you pay for CISS only once and after that purchase inks but not plastic tanks. These facts distinguish the continuous ink supply system from cartridges while purchasing of which you have to overpay for plastic construction itself. The average cost of printing A4-format page using CISS is 0.002 EUR.

When buying a printer with CISS INKSYSTEM, you will pay only 0.034 £ for a full-color A-4 format printing.
Epson Stylus Photo R2880
Epson Stylus Photo R2880
CISS EPSON Stylus Photo R2880
CISS EPSON Stylus Photo R2880
  678.01 £
incl. VAT and ink, excl. delivery
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Epson Stylus Photo R2880 with RC
RC (refillable cartridge) is an alternative to CISS and original cartridges. When buying refillable cartridges with a printer you save for years ahead as you will not have to splash money at plastic container.
Advantages of RC:
  • easy installation
  • low cost of consumables
  • saving on ink for technical reserve
Refillable cartridges are much alike genuine cartridges if consider operation principles, though they have significant advantage over the latter: you can fill RC with ink unlimited number of times and any time you want. After buying Refillable Cartridges you can start printing at once in case you have inks near at hand. As well as in situation with CISS you will feel no need to pay for plastic cartridges themselves, but only get ink when it is required. Refillable Cartridges are the best choice for those who have no space to place a CISS. Prime cost per A4-format imprint is 0.002 EUR.

Just buy a printer with RC INKSYSTEM and get a lot of quality color prints!
Epson Stylus Photo R2880
Epson Stylus Photo R2880
Refillable cartridges for Epson R2880
Refillable cartridges for Epson R2880
  652.11 £
incl. VAT and ink, excl. delivery
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Printer Epson Stylus Photo R2880

If you are currently seeking for some great solution among photo printers than epson photo r2880 is most definitely your choice number one. The major part of Epson customers these days choose this office appliance in such cities as London, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh. It is obvious that different people have different needs, but all of printer users find their best with an epson printer r2880. Therefore I see really no reason why you shouldn't learn out a little bit more about this popular model. May be, you will want to have it for your needs.

All-in-one printer Epson Stylus Photo R2880


Even if you are a total newbie in a pretty large market of office devices, you will easily recognize epson stylus photo r2880 a3 by its standard design. Actually, this design is obvious for all Epson printers of the same model. The device is most likely a cube - shaped unit. In addition, it normally offered to the potential customers in glossy silver and matt black. But they only win of such colours as they turn to be very stylish.

The front panel of a photo printer of the type accommodates all the necessary control buttons, so you will totally control the process of printing and stop it any moment you choose. In addition, you have all possibilities for maintaining and repairing your epson stylus photo r2880 a3 photo printer but, in my humble opinion, the latter function is better to be left for professionals. The printer is rather capacious and you may put 120 sheets A4 plain paper in it.

Another characteristic feature of such epson stylus photo r2880 inkjet printer is that it is rather compact - only 214x616x322 mm for storage and 415x616x797 mm for printing and weights 12.0kg (which is without AC cable as well as bundled ink cartridges). Not bad for such a multifunctional device, I must admit.

Key features

The most important thing to notice is that epson stylus photo r2880 printer has individual inks in each of 9 cartridges so you may be absolutely sure that you are offered the best quality of printing for your photos and documents. To ensure the best quality and speed of printing, it is preferable to use 64-90g/m2 for plain paper and glossy photo paper of 255g/m2 (premium). In general, you may get pictures up to 5760x1440 optimised dpi with this photo printer. You may even use the functions of Print CD, if you need as this model offers such an opportunity.

Additional functions

Another characteristic feature of epson stylus photo r2880 (like Epson Stylus Photo R3000) is that the device has an interface with Hi-Speed USB which makes it easy to connect the device to any computer. You may also be sure that Epson's production is absolutely compatible with interfaces of such OS as Windows 2000/XP/XPx64/Vista and other, as well as Mac OS 10.2. Epson Stylus S22 can be plugged in the electrical circle with the voltage of AC 220-240 V. USB 2.0 (that is Hi-Speed) Dual Port is necessary for PC and Mac connection when linking your printer with a computer.

Another feature of this type of photo printer is that the epson stylus photo r2880 compare prices you are likely to pay for the device are quite low these days. But this is not all I need to tell you. If you choose to have the facility of continuous ink system, you will save greatly. In such an event you will not need to recharge cartridges any more or by some new ones. In fact, you will get this beneficial CISS for your printer absolutely for free. The photo printer of the epson stylus r2880 model is better to be used in 20-80%RH humidity and 10-35 Celsius.

Epson Stylus Photo R2880


Ink System    
Epson UltraChrome  K3 ink with Vivid Magenta

Print Resolution    
Up to 5760x1440 optimised dpi* *Up to 5760x1440 optimised dpi on suitable media using RPM


Printer Interface    
USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) Dual Port for PC and Mac connection* *USB cable required for PC/Mac use


Ink Cartridges    
9 individual cartridges

Paper Handling

Paper Capacity    
120 sheets A4 plain paper

Print Margin    
0 mm top, left, right and bottom - via custom setting in printer driver. Otherwise 3 mm top, left, right, bottom

ICC Profiles Standard    


Optional Warranty    
extention to 3 years

AC 220-240 V

Standard Dimensions    
Storage: 214x616x322 mm (HxWxD). Printing: 415x616x797 mm (HxWxD)

Standard Warranty    
1 year repair

12.0kg without AC cable/bundled ink cartridges

Other Features

Pict Bridge    
Yes, front USB 2.0 High-speed port
CISS for Epson R2880

Number of colors:

dye-based ink "INKSYSTEM" (South Korea), 8 colors 130 ml

Material of CISS:

2 years

Country of origin:
South Korea

the same as original

Numbers of original cartridges:

After buying a set had to buy ink. But it's really nice alternative to cartridges as I've learnt.
Robin ,Newry 09/07/2012, 17:56

I ordered EPSON Stylus Photo R2880 with CISS from your site. I'm satisfied with the printing quality. The device is super. Thank you!
Jeffery,Tower Hamlets 27/11/2012, 12:11

Quality equipment. CISS helps to save considerable sum of money. At high volumes of printing – we have rather significant amounts.
Dalton,Ripon 16/01/2013, 17:18

Quality equipment. CISS helps to save considerable sum of money. At high volumes of printing – we have rather significant amounts.
Dalton ,Ripon 17/01/2013, 14:16

This a wow-photo printer! The quality is professional – the pictures are perfect and with CISS they are also very cheap. We are happy with the printing speed.
Danielle ,Fordbridge 13/02/2013, 15:32

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