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Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW

  • Specially designed for small offices, this printer provides reliable, flexible printing with fast print speeds and Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

  • Attention! Original cartridges are not included!
    83.98£ 71.99 £
    in stock

Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW with CISS
Buying a printer together with CISS is economically sound. Continuous Ink Supply System by INKSYSTEM ensures stable and qualitative printing and lessens your financial expenditures at the same time. While buying CISS with printer you start saving prior to printing as the cost of the set is lower than cost of both products separately.
Advantages of CISS:
  • containers of higher capacity
  • the most cost-effective printing
  • lower risk of printing system airing due to absence of contact between printing head and air while refill
Continuous Ink Supply System is a specially constructed ink containers of high capacity that ensure printing of higher amount of imprints per one refill. Printing becomes several times cheaper because you pay for CISS only once and after that purchase inks but not plastic tanks. These facts distinguish the continuous ink supply system from cartridges while purchasing of which you have to overpay for plastic construction itself. The average cost of printing A4-format page using CISS is 0.002 EUR.

When buying a printer with CISS INKSYSTEM, you will pay only 0.034 £ for a full-color A-4 format printing.
Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
  147.85 £
incl. VAT and ink, excl. delivery
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Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW with RC
RC (refillable cartridge) is an alternative to CISS and original cartridges. When buying refillable cartridges with a printer you save for years ahead as you will not have to splash money at plastic container.
Advantages of RC:
  • easy installation
  • low cost of consumables
  • saving on ink for technical reserve
Refillable cartridges are much alike genuine cartridges if consider operation principles, though they have significant advantage over the latter: you can fill RC with ink unlimited number of times and any time you want. After buying Refillable Cartridges you can start printing at once in case you have inks near at hand. As well as in situation with CISS you will feel no need to pay for plastic cartridges themselves, but only get ink when it is required. Refillable Cartridges are the best choice for those who have no space to place a CISS. Prime cost per A4-format imprint is 0.002 EUR.

Just buy a printer with RC INKSYSTEM and get a lot of quality color prints!
Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
Refillable cartridges for Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
Refillable cartridges for Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
  125.85 £
incl. VAT and ink, excl. delivery
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Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW

This new model started its mission of decreasing printing costs in offices in October 2012. The manufacturer is positioning its product as a reliable machine for performing fast business-like printing, and, what is more important, allowing to drop down cost per page. Epson WorkForce 3010DW with £89.99 (incl. vat) retail cost set by manufacturer can also be viewed as an attempt to compete laser printers on the market winning its positions due to functionality and efficiency. However, the model rather looks like a deep-covered agent as it has features similar to another series by Epson. But let us start from its distinctive spots.

Design that impresses from the start

It is very interesting question why did the designers of WorkForce WF-3010DW printer decide that white finish would fit best office environment? Maybe they took hard the fact that most laser printing machines as well as other office equipment are white in colour. Such decision will cost hours of cleaning and washing and more cleaning. Though, such chores will be heaped on the office cleaners’ shoulders. If we step aside from this problem, we should admit it looks attractiveand neat. The printer has compact size along with handy tray holding up to 250 paper sheets of plain paper, while upper input tray is intended for media of different thickness such as envelopes, cards, films and others. Telescopic output tray appears to be very solid and can literary accommodate a pile of paper.Users should be aware of the fact they will not be able to use the device independently from a computer as this single-function printer lacks a card reader and functional key, not mentioning a screen. And this is more than explainable as such options are odd for an office device. The only buttons you will find control Wi-Fi function, confirm paper upload or cartridge change and have respective indicators situated beneath the keys.

As we have mentioned above, it resembles Epson Stylus Office B42WD printer, though only in its hardware as design solution of the rivals has nothing in common. Besides, our hero has two input trays while the Stylus Office model uses only one. Unlike its relative successor, B42WD is wider in dimensions and is slightly squat and has only two control buttons. The thing that is really pleasant about Epson WF-3010DW is that it costs less than B42WD, its named predecessor, priced at £99.99 confirming cost-effectiveness of the model.

If we talk about packaging we have already got accustomed that like nearly all printers produced by Epson, WorkForce WF-3010DW goes without a USB cable, and therefore you will have to pay on the average £11 (incl. vat) for it.


As most of office oriented printers Epson WF-3010DW cannot boast of being a head cook and bottle washer. What he can is to deliver professional-looking documents, diagrams and charts. Though, the biggest merit of the machine is that it can do that wirelessly. The quality of printing is worth mentioning as the manufacturer claims a user will get crisp and clearly-cut text documents resistant to smudging while highlighting or if you splash some water on it because of DURABrite Ultra Ink. The pigment containing in it stuck tothe surface of a paper sheet and therefore is more stable to influence from outsideif compared to dye-based ink. Epson 3010 uses 4 separate cartridges of standard and enhanced volume. The accuracy of printing is achieved due to minimal ink droplet size of 2pl while the speed of delivering is affected by the number of nozzles. The device is provided with a duplex, so you can easily save additionally on paper you use for printing.

Prior conclusions.Unfortunately, we had no time to test the device yet, though what we can say about it is that it is a neat-looking compact printer with promising printing specification (defining the real speed of printing is the aspect we aim at now). Now Epson WF-3010DW has no lower cost rivals so buying this new product seems even more attractive due to winning price/quality balance.

Review Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW

A proposed printing device is meant directly for performing its main function that is qualitative and quick print. Designed specially for small offices the given printer answers the requirements of high productivity and reliability when constantly using it. Four-color printer Epson WF-3010DW allows to print qualitatively not only black-and-white documents but also color photos and pictures. The main advantages of the given printer include:

Printer Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW
  • excellent quality of print;
  • the facility of duplex printing;
  • the facility of Wi-Fi connection and remote work;
  • high speed of print;
  • reliability and simplicity in usage.

The quality of print with Epson WorkForce WF3010DW

The printing device meant for office usage apart from its special functionality must print documents qualitatively and at the same time having high speed characteristics. The size of ink drop is just 2 pl and the maximum resolution is 5760x1440 dpi that is completely enough for speaking about business-quality of print. Ink-jet printer Epson WF-3010DW is distinguished by piezoelectric printing technology which allows controlling ink drop parameters and provides its accurate positioning on the paper that guarantees perfect quality of a picture.

The printing speed reaches up to 38 pages/min regardless of whether we print a color or a monochrome text. Duplex documents printing allows to increase considerably the work efficiency. Printer has a big paper loading tray which encloses 250 sheets of A4 format and can print on the paper of different density and thickness such as: maps, envelopes, business cards, etc. And for those people who want more functionality from the device we advise excellent MFD Epson WorkForce WF-3520DWF.

Easy to use – essential for work

If we are talking about printer which will be used by the whole team then this printer should have at least different types of connection for remote work with it. WorkForce WF-3010DW is equipped with an embedded module which makes Wi-Fi connection possible. Now everybody can quickly send tasks for print regardless of their seat in the room. Interface Ethernet meant for the group of people allows to use the device remotely connected it directly to local network.

We call your attention to a perfect MFD Epson WorkForce WF-3530DTWF which you may buy in our internet-shop at a reasonable price.

Choosing economy print

The given device is meant for its intensive operation and printing in large amounts. Original cartridges are sufficiently expensive and they are not enough for a long time. The problem of large expenses on consumables is solved by the continuous ink supply system. It does not influence the configuration of the device and does not worsen the quality of imprints allowing to save 30 times more money.

You can buy printer Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW with CISS at our site right now. The presented device is a reliable tool and will perfectly fit for a small office where high productivity and stable qualitative print are required.

Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW

Number of colors:

dye-based ink "INKSYSTEM" (South Korea), 6 colors 130 ml

Material of CISS:

2 years

Country of origin:
South Korea

We ordered Epson WorkForce WF-3010DW. We're satisfied with everything. Both the imprints quality, the ink consumption and the delivery are up to the mark. The managers in the company are very polite and helped us to choose the most suitable device. Thanks a lot to your company for the care of its clients.
Chad,Luton 27/11/2012, 12:18

Great printer, although it sometimes jams the paper.
Darrell ,Preston 18/01/2013, 12:38

Thank you very much, that solved the problem of the high cost of inkjet printing. It is important that during decreasing of expenses the quality does not drop. CISS – this is a real boon. Now I am your regular customer. Thanks to the guys from the support, they really explain accessibly.
Alicia,London 15/02/2013, 16:32

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