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Epson Stylus C79

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Printer Epson Stylus C79: a photo lab for home

Printer Epson Stylus C79The jet printing device Epson C79 copes with the tasks that are specific for a photo printer. It takes about 31 sec, 1 min. 39 sec and 1 min to print photo images with the size of 10 × 15 cm in the "Picture" mode, "Best Photo" mode with the "Best Photo" and the "High speed" options. And for A4 prints it takes about 1 min. 42 sec, 7 min. 30 seconds and 4 min. 11sec. respectively.

Epson Stylus C79 as well as Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4015DN will never destroy the interior space, where it will be placed. Stylish silver accents highlight the control elements of the device, making them visible to anyone with unaided eye.

This element of the design makes Epson L200 much easier to manage, what was noted at the conferences in London and in Manchester. The printer Stylus C79 is also supplied with the manufacturer software that allows you to use two preset options for enhanced photo quality − "Best Photo" and "Photo".

 Epson Stylus C79

Printing Technology Epson C79
Piezoelectric inkjet printing

Paper Size

Maximum print speed (A4)
22 pages / min (mono)
12 pages / min (color)

Print Resolution
up to 5760 x 1440 dpi

The minimum drop size
4 picoliter.

Tray / feeder

How to download / Reception
automatic document feeder
Document Feeder 80 sheets (total)
Feeder 80-sheet (maximum size)

Type of printed material
Plain paper, envelopes, cards, matte paper, coated paper, glossy paper, glossy photo paper, photo paper

The format of printed material
A4 (210 x 297 mm); A5 (148 x 210 mm); Legal (216 x 356 mm) 10 Envelope (105 x 241 mm); B5 (176 x250 mm), envelope DL (110 x 220 mm); Letter (216 x 279 mm)

Recommended media
64-90 g/m2 (plain), 255 g/m2 (for original media EPSON)

Connectors for
USB - Type B

Drivers | EPSON PhotoQuicker 3.5 | EPSON Web-To-Print

Power Consumption (standby)
1.5 W

Input voltage
220 - 240

The width of 43.5 cm
Height 21.9 cm
The depth of 16.5 cm

Number of colors:

dye-based ink "INKSYSTEM" (South Korea), 4 colors 130 ml

Material of CISS:

1 year

Country of origin:
South Korea

the same as original

Numbers of original cartridges:

Installation Manual on Continuous ink supply system (CISS) For EPSON C79

Thank you for using the “INKSYSTEM” Continuous ink supply system. It is the best device for an inkjet printer, and it will definitely decrease your printing costs. Before using this system, please read this manual carefully. The pictures in this manual may be different with the real ones. Here just for your reference.
Remarks: Some pictures maybe different from the real products, especially for the external ink tank, these pictures are just for reference, please handle according the real products.

I. Inspection before installation

A. Check whether all the accessories are present.
B. Check whether the system is retrieved normally or too much air is remained in the connecting tubes (length over 20cm).

II. Test printer
1. Check the printer status, and its mechanics for any damage.

2. Print a test sheet on nozzle check to see if there are gaps in lines on the printout.

3. If printer is alright, please print a picture to see the result.
Note: This system will not cause any damage on your printer.

Ill. Installation Procedures

1. Setting up the system
Place this system to the left of the printer, clean the ink-flow tubes (3-1-1), pull the air balance plug out (3-1-2) and replace it with an air filter with the bigger side faced down (3-1-3).These steps have to be repeated for each air balance plug. Do not throw away the air balance plugs.

2. Remove the cartridge holder
Select Main menu ->maintenance->cartridge change->cartridge change tools->next step->next step->confirm, then remove the cartridge holder, press the button (Pic. 3-2-2), plug out the power cord (Pic. 3-2-3).

3. Remove the cartridge cover
Take a screwdriver; place it as shown on pic. 3-3-1, then as shown on Pic. 3-3-2 to shake the screwdriver, and then remove the cartridge cover (Pic. 3-3-3).

4. Insert ink cartridges
Take out the original ink cartridges (Pic. 3-4-1), insert the system cartridges according to the color order, and press the cartridges tightly (pic. 3-4-2), stick out the ink tube as shown on pic. 3-4-3.

5. Set the ink tube
Remove the protective tape, clean the ink tube, place the ink tube to the printer body as shown on Pic. 3-5-1. When printing the protective tape should not be taken off and the ink tube cannot be twisted (Pic. 3-5-2).

6. Check the tube length
Place the cartridge holder on the left (Pic. 3-6-1), then on the right (Pic. 3-6-2), the tube should not be too long or too short. Place the cartridge holder on the right, the ink tube should not fall when moving; if it does (as shown on Pic. 3-6-3), the holder will be blocked during printing. Usually before shipment we adjust the tube to the right size, but you have to double check before printing.

7. Adjust the tube length
If everything is correct in step 6, there is no need to go through this step.
If the tube length is too short then extend it (Pic. 3-7-1), if it is too long then shorten it (Pic. 3-7-2).
If the tube falls down, adjust the sticker angle to prevent the falling.

8. Attach the ink tube
Attach the ink tube. When you close the printer lid, the pressure on the ink tube should be tight; it should not be too heavy to stop the ink-flow.

9. Ready to print
Plug the power cord in the power source (Pic. 3-9-1), turn the printer on (Pic. 3-9-2), and check whether the printer is working.

10. Printer nozzle test
Select the “printer nozzle check” option (Pic. 3-10-1); print a test page, if it is alright then you can start using the printer. If not, then clean the nozzle. If only a line for one color is missing after cleaning, turn the printer off and let it stay turned off for one hour or more. The air bubble clogging the nozzle will dissipate, allowing you to print. If the problem will still be present, then contact your local distributor.

IV. Ink Amount Reset

It is required to change the cartridges while printing when the ink light flashes. Press the ink button to take out the cartridge holder. Press the chip reset button for 3 seconds, then press the ink button again to move back the cartridge holder, the ink amount is showing 99% again. Redo nozzle the inspection and the printer will run normally if it is alright. (Black and other colors can be handled by the same method).
Note: There are two kinds of chips. They are handled in a similar way. The difference is that the chips with transferred switches should be switched downwards; otherwise the chips will not be recognized.

V. Removing used continuous ink supply system

Replace the air filters with air plugs. Remove the cartridge holder and take the rack off. Take the cartridges out and place them on a tissue with the ink flow nozzle facing downwards, and put the tissue at the same level as the system ink tank.

VI. Ink refilling

If you found out that the ink level in the tank is below the red line, add the ink according to the methods above.

VII. Check air balance tube

If you discover anything strange, like a bad output, an ink dripping on paper, then check the air balance tube to see if there is ink.
If yes, please go through the “ink pump out from balance tube” according to the manual.

VIII. Warnings

1. When printing, do not take the cartridges out of the printer. Keep the ink tank and printer at the same level.
2. When printing, do not turn over, lift up or lower the ink tanks.
3. Do not block up the ink tanks out of curiosity or fear that there is no ink.
4. Use the CISS in a clean environment and within the 15-35 C temperature range.
5. Use high-quality ink to increase the printing quality.
6. During shipment or storage do not turn the system over and always have the holes sealed with plugs, to prevent ink leakage.

VIII. Warnings

1. Please do not drink the ink and keep it away from children.
2. Do not expose the CISS or the ink to direct sunshine and do not store it at extreme temperatures.
3. Do not crush the CISS and do not drop it.

IX. Product Warranty

INKSYSTEM warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship. Rarely the equipment partly or completely fails within the warranty period. In these cases we do everything possible to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the purchase.
The INKSYSTEM CISS installation is free in any of the representative offices.
The warranty repairs are done quickly, with good quality and for free. The warranty duration is 12 months from the date of retail sale. Every product has a Warranty Certificate. The transportation of the failed product is provided by its owner.
Please note that the ink and the photo paper are expendable materials and there can be no returning of unsealed ink tanks and photo paper packages. When defects are found by the service managers, a replacement for a new product is performed.

Please adhere to the following points to receive a warranty service as soon as possible:

When accepting the product check if the warranty certificate is filled in correctly.

Keep the original receipt that contains the date of purchase information.
Adhere to operating conditions that are provided in the User’s Manual, or on the web-page of the specific product.
Try to avoid mechanical damages when operating the product: chippings, dents, fractures, scratches, etc.

We cannot provide a warranty repair under several conditions:

If the warranty certificate is wrongly filled in.
If the device has mechanical damages: chippings, dents, fractures, scratches, etc.
If the defect appeared under the circumstances of insuperable forces, accidents, intended or careless actions of the user or a third party.
If the ink used was not manufactured by “INKSYSTEM” (South Korea)
If the printing limit was exceeded – more than 100 000 prints.

The “INKSYSTEM” Company excludes for itself any liability for incidental, consequential, indirect, special, or punitive damages of any kind to people, pets or property if the stated damages have been affected because of rules and operational conditions / product installation disregard. The Company also excludes any liability for intentional or careless actions of the user or third parties, for loss of revenue or profits, loss of business, loss of information or date, or other financial loss arising out of or in connection with the sale, installation, maintenance, use, performance, failure, or interruption of the possibility of such damages.

I bought Epson Stylus C79 with CISS. Really astounding printer. Of course, it is not good for photo printing ‘cause it has too little number of colours. 4-colour palette doesn’t ensure accurate change of hues and that makes colours look fuzzy. Though, it prints simple full-colour images and pain text perfectly. It performs relatively quickly, doesn’t jam paper and CISS permits reduce expenses on printing. It is ideal variant for office usage.
James,Winchester 23/10/2012, 11:18

My wife bought a printer, even with CISS. I was very disappointed, but after I have not been able to distinguish printing quality in alternative products and original cartridges, I radically changed my mind.
Adrian ,Biggleswade 18/12/2012, 17:52

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