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Brother Original Ink Cartridges LC-1100

  • Compatible with the model: Brother DCP-385C / DCP-395CN / DCP-585CW / DCP-6690CW / DCP-J715W / MFC-490CW / MFC-5490CN / MFC-5895CW / MFC-6490CW / MFC-6890CDW / MFC-790CW / MFC-795CW / MFC-J615W

  • 34.00 £
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Typ: Brother Innobella™

Kartridże w zestawie: LC1100BK - Black, LC1100C - Cyan, LC1100M - Magenta, LC1100Y - Yellow

Installation Manual on Continuous ink supply system (CISS) For printer Brother LC1100

Thank you for using the “INKSYSTEM” Continuous ink supply system. It is the best device for an inkjet printer, and it will definitely decrease your printing costs. Before using this system, please read this manual carefully. The pictures in this manual may be different with the real ones. Here just for your reference.

I. Inspection before installation
A. Check whether all the accessories are present.
B. Check whether the system is retrieved normally or too much air is remained in the connecting tubes (length over 20cm).
II. Test printer

1. Check the printer’s condition to see whether it is normal or not (2-1and2-2) and check its mechanics.
2. Print a test sheet to see if the nozzle is normal. lf it is abnormal, please clean the print head untill nozzle is normal. As for nozzle checking and print head cleaning, please refer to the printer manual.
3. If printer is alright, please print a picture to see the result.
Note: This system will not cause any damage on your printer.

lll. Installation Procedures

1. Make the system ready

Put this system on the left side of printer, tidy up ink flow tubes, pull the air balance plug out (3-1-1) and replace it with an air filter with the bigger side down-wards (3-1-2).This is repeated for each air balance plug. Keep the air balance plugs for future use.

2. Take the original cartridge out

Open the cover on the right side of the printer (3-2-1), open the cartridge cover (3-2-2), and then take the original cartridge out.

3. Install CISS cartridge

Install CISS cartridge according to the printer indication and push cartridge forwards to the right place (3-3-1).

4. Shield cover switch

When CISS is installed, CISS cover can not closed norm ally. Therefore, please use air plug.

5. Cut the cartridge cover

If you want to close cartridge cover, please cut the right edge of cartridge cover (3-5-1), after cutting (3-5-2) and do not need to process step4 and can close cartridge cover directly.

6. Run the printer

Turn the printer power on and check whether it is running well. According to the method of printer manual, then print nozzle test sheet to see if the nozzle test line is normal. Please, clean the print head if line missing (2-2). If it is still abnormal after several times cleaning. Please refer to potential problem and resolution or contact with local distributor.

IV. Warnings

1. During printing, please do not take cartridges over than the printer. Please keep ink tank and printer in the same level.
2. During printing, do not inverse, lift up or lower ink tanks.
3. Please do not block up ink tanks for curiosity or for fear of less ink

V. Product Warranty

INKSYSTEM warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship. Rarely the equipment partly or completely fails within the warranty period. In these cases we do everything possible to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the purchase.
The INKSYSTEM CISS installation is free in any of the representative offices.
The warranty repairs are done quickly, with good quality and for free. The warranty duration is 12 months from the date of retail sale. Every product has a Warranty Certificate. The transportation of the failed product is provided by its owner.
Please note that the ink and the photo paper are expendable materials and there can be no returning of unsealed ink tanks and photo paper packages. When defects are found by the service managers, a replacement for a new product is performed.

Please adhere to the following points to receive a warranty service as soon as possible:

When accepting the product check if the warranty certificate is filled in correctly.

Keep the original receipt that contains the date of purchase information.
Adhere to operating conditions that are provided in the User’s Manual, or on the web-page of the specific product.
Try to avoid mechanical damages when operating the product: chippings, dents, fractures, scratches, etc.

We cannot provide a warranty repair under several conditions:

If the warranty certificate is wrongly filled in.
If the device has mechanical damages: chippings, dents, fractures, scratches, etc.
If the defect appeared under the circumstances of insuperable forces, accidents, intended or careless actions of the user or a third party.
If the ink used was not manufactured by “INKSYSTEM” (South Korea)
If the printing limit was exceeded – more than 100 000 prints.

The “INKSYSTEM” Company excludes for itself any liability for incidental, consequential, indirect, special, or punitive damages of any kind to people, pets or property if the stated damages have been affected because of rules and operational conditions / product installation disregard. The Company also excludes any liability for intentional or careless actions of the user or third parties, for loss of revenue or profits, loss of business, loss of information or date, or other financial loss arising out of or in connection with the sale, installation, maintenance, use, performance, failure, or interruption of the possibility of such damages.

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