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Online-shop "" has been launched on our customers’ numerous requests to show online and describe all consumables for inkjet printing that we offer. Nowadays, visiting online-shop is one of the best ways to learn more about Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS), and to order any necessary consumables for your printing device.

The company
International industrial-trading company "INKSYSTEM" specialises in manufacturing of all kinds of consumables for inkjet printing and their sale.
The company has more than 200 dealers and offices in several countries around the world.

Mission of the company is to give an opportunity to any person and to any company to use their colour printer, all-in-one or plotter regardless of ink cost and to have the same or even better quality of prints compared to original cartridges.

By using continuous ink supply system (CISS) by INKSYSTEM® the cost of each printed page is 30 times less compared to original cartridges.
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Product range

Company offers full range of products for inkjet printing. These are the best goods that were selected by our customers all over the world during many years of our work. There is a short description of each group of goods. All materials are compatible with each other and created to provide excellent colour rendering results with reasonable price per each print.

1.Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS) for Epson, Canon, HP, Brother and Roland
It is a device to decrease the cost of inkjet printing in 30 times compared to original cartridges (1:30 price comparison). It is very easy to install and to use CISS. CISS consists of three parts: cartridges, the same as original ones, external ink tanks which contain ink, and ink pipe that lets ink of each colour run from ink tanks to ink cartridges.

There are different kinds of ink that we offer:
Dye-based ink (photo ink) - is popular to make high-quality images, text and photographs for reasonable price.
Pigment ink - is used for 4-colour printers to produce images that should be water resistant.
Ultrachrome ink - is used by professionals in 8- or 10-colour printers for superior quality, usually is twice expensive than dye-based ink.
Sublimation ink - mostly bought for printing on solid surfaces: cups, t-shirts, etc.

3. Photo paper
Matt and glossy, of different sizes, density and thickness, specially developed to suit INKSYSTEM® ink.

4. Refillable cartridges
Developed for the customer who doesn't print often but still does not want to overpay for the extra expensive original cartridges. Our cartridges are similar to original ones but have re-zeroing chips so cartridges can be refilled with ink and print again and again...
5. Printer accessories, resetters, usb-cables, etc.
Everything you need for inkjet printing.

6. Printers, all-in-ones and plotters
INKSYSTEM also offers original printing devices from their manufacturers with continuous ink supply systems, which has been already installed.


Good and excellent quality

These products are manufactured with modern hi-tech equipment in factories in South Korea.
Usually the difference in quality of printing results is 3-5% that can be recognised only by professional photographers after being closely examined. For excellent-quality results of home and office printing it is enough to use dye-based ink by INKSYSTEM and thousands of users all over the world, who print with INKSYSTEM® consumables, can prove it.

Printing quality better than with original cartridges
For those who wish to have superior quality and vivid images, INKSYSTEM Company offers the unique opportunity to create an individual ICC-profile for your printer model.
ICC-profile is a driver that manages colour rendering of your printer for certain ink and paper. It could be standard for the model of printer or individual for the exact printer (e-may).

Printer manufacturers offer standard ICC-profile for their ink and photo paper. You select one of them whilst choosing these parameters when clicking on a type of ink and paper in printer settings.

INKSYSTEM also offers standard ICC-profiles for different models of printers that could be downloaded on a separate page of this web-site. Or you can use standard ICC-profile from the manufacturer, the difference in quality is approx. 0,5%

Moreover, our experts can offer an individual ICC-profile for your printer. As there are no absolutely identical people in the world, there are also no two identical printers and printing heads. So individual ICC-profile will fit best to that exact printing head, and will give an image that couldn't be made with the help of a standard ICC-profile and original cartridges. If you want to order an individual ICC-profile to get superior printing results, please contact us via e-mail: to find out the exact price and terms for its obtaining.

Product availability
The company either manufactures the goods at its own factories or orders them directly from the best manufacturers, selected from many other offers.
Each dealer or each company office has their own stock, so the exact product availability at the nearest office can be simply checked by contacting them. If you don't have necessary goods in your country, we will send them from the nearest office.
Even if the model is not available or you didn't find it among displayed products, we could produce almost any model of CISS according to your order (terms are about one month, fee is from 10 % to 20 %).

Reasonable prices
We set prices according to our commitment for fair sales.
Products arrive to our stock directly from the factories; the middlemen's profits are not being put into the price.
The cost of printing using consumables by INKSYSTEM is 30 times lower compared to original cartridges. You save 95% of your money on every page you print. Each page saves 95%.

Product range
- Quantity of goods: more than 800
- Quantity of printer models: more than 2500
At the moment we have one of the widest ranges of Ink Systems in the world.

Are you interested in wholesale prices?
Feel free to contact us to obtain wholesale discounts, as well as significant support from the central office to start or to develop your business with INKSYSTEM®. Feel free to leave your contacts for us and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.