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Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson 1900 100 ml (8 colours)
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Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson R2000 100 ml (8 colours)
Set of Pigment Ultra ink, consists of 8 bottles with ink, colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Matte Black, Black, Glossy, Blue, Red, capacity of bottles - 100 ml.
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Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson R3000 100 ml (9 colours)
Set of Pigment Ultra ink, consists of 9 bottles with ink, colors: Cyan, Yellow, Matte Black, Light Black, Light light Black, Light Cyan, Light Vivid Magenta, Photo Black, Vivid Magenta, capacity of bottles - 100 ml.
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Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson Pro 4800 100 ml (9 colours)
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Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson Pro 7900, 9900, 1000 ml (11 colours)
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Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson 2400 100 ml (8 colours)
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Ultra Chrome ink

Every day we are faced with different types of printing.Color pictures, black and white images, text, graphics are an integral part of our lives. Modern technology offers us a wide range of equipment specially designed for the specific goals and objectives. We can choose not only among the various printers, but also among the various consumables. Initially, we need to decide what are we going to print? If we are planning to print color images, the ideal choice would be a jet printer, which is an excellent device to cope with the task. The print quality is affected not only by the characteristics of the printer, but also by printer's ink, the role of which cannot be underestimated.

Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson, 100 ml, 8 coloursInkjet printing offers wide selection of ink, among which everyone can find the optimal solution for himself. If you do not print regularly, and the priority is given to the printing of color photos – in that case photo ink will be an ideal choice, they will please you with bright and colorful images. If you work mostly with documents, then the pigmented ink would be the best solution – sharp text is guaranteed for a long time.

Among many types of ink, there are those that are specifically designed for professional photo printing – UltraChrome ink. Exactly it will be considered in more detail.

Ultrachrome ink is perfect for professional photographers, designers and artists. Best-quality color reproduction with all the tones and shades – is undoubted advantage of this type of ink. With its help you will be able to convey the richness and depth of color, presenting a real work of modern printing on approval.

Ultrachrome ink is in high demand at studio photo printing. UltraChrome Ink represents spectacular pictures and images for many years. Posters, flyers, leaflets of the highest quality are made using ultrachrome ink. Bright and rich colors will attract attention for sure.

Using color ink from a well-known manufacturer, you will be provided with the guarantee of its high quality. INKSYSTEM offers ink that is really similar to the original Ultra Chrome ink – Pigment Ultra Ink. It is able to convey the depth of color of monochrome images and the gamut of color images.

Pigment Ultra Ink – the best analog choice for professional photo printing

Professionally developed, the modern Pigment Ultra Ink has become the best one in the field of printing(near the Ultra Chrome ink). Due to its properties such ink combines partially pigmented, partially water-soluble ink, with a significant advantage in a number of parameters.

It is distinguished from pigmented ink by the fact, that it contains a significant amount of solvent, due to which the ink is absorbed deeply into the material. Another advantage is the reliability of the ink represented. In addition to high durability of photos, you will get enough care for your printer. Even at the continuous down-time of the printer, up to three months, the ink does not dry out and does not damage the print head. The ink by INKSYSTEM will provide long stable operation of your device.

It is worth to mention a much less particle size in comparison to pigmented ink – what is typical for this type of ink, because they are designed for printing photos, and the presence of grains on a photo print is unacceptable. Pigment Ultra Ink perfectly lies both onto the glossy photo paper and onto the matte one.

As other types of color ink, Pigment Ultra Inkis compatible with refillable cartridges and continuous ink supply system. Using CISS, you can significantly reduce the amount of ink, giving yourself the opportunity to further savings. Quality and reliable continuous ink supply systems can be purchased at our online store.

If professional photography and printing is a part of your life, Pigment Ultra Ink Inkis created for you. This ink is perfect for Epson professionalPrinters. The range of professional printers Epson, positioned by the manufacturer for printing photos and reproductions at the contemporary studios, uses ultrachrome ink only, which analoguewas developed by INKSYSTEM. Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM reduced their spending for printing without loss of quality. Thanks to a good quality printer with dye-based inks you get really stunning images.

Also important is the fact that the developers of this kind of ink have taken care of such characteristic as resilience. The colors are fully protected from smearing or spreading in contact with water.

Pigment Ultra Ink from INKSYSTEM – Your guarantee of the highest quality

INKSYSTEM – is a company with a world-known name, a renowned leader at the market of consumables. The ink of our company is manufactured by highly skilled experts at the modern plant in South Korea. Product quality for inkjet printers is controlled at each stage of production. Pigment Ultra Ink from INKSYSTEM is the best choice for professional photo printing.

Set of Pigment Ultra ink INKSYSTEM for Epson 1000 ml, 8 colours


  • color rendering corresponds a real one;
  • full compatibility with all printing devices;
  • high chemical resistance;
  • improved ink fixation on paper;
  • absolutely safe ink composition;
  • the best quality/price ratio.

All products meet quality standards and desires of consumers. A selection of Pigment Ultra Ink, which is supplied in different models, is represented on our website. Among the wide range of products you can choose the desired volume of ink for different printers. The sets presented consist of 8 and 9 colors. In addition, the color ink can be purchased in individual jars of 100 ml and more, and in jars of high capacity for inkjet plotters.

To buy Pigment Ultra Ink is possible by ordering it at our online store, or at a traditional store with regional representatives of INKSYSTEM. Because of the complex composition and production technology the price of this ink is higher than of the water-based ink, but having printed a picture with the help of it once, you will never regret of your choice.

Pigment Ultra Ink is the best solution for professional photographers and artists. Rich color saturation, superior color reproduction and resistance to aggressive media expands the range of its use greatly. The promotional matters, printed with them, will be able to attract the attention of customers, and the works by contemporary photo studios will be really awesome.

Quality Pigment Ulra Ink for Epson Printers

Professional quality without compromise is provided with Pigment Ultra ink. This type of dye answers the demands of professional photography and printing ideally. Are you a professional photographer who prints his photos for exhibitions or just for interior decoration? If so, this product is necessary for you!

The ink, performed in this section of the catalogue, provides the highest quality of colour and monochrome photos, reproductions and posters while printing on Inksystem photo paper. If you are looking for where to buy printer or compatible consumablesonline inBirmingham, London and other cities, you can do it in our online shop and we deliver it to you(Chichester, London Scotland, Ireland – any place you want to). Pigment Ultra ink for printers lets get printings with saturated colours and an excellent colour rendering.

Pigment Ultra ink means a really high quality of printing. For professionals it is very important to give their photos not only bright colours, but durability as well. That`s why this dye provides a high level of stability and safety to printings. Pigment Ultra ink suits any printer model from any manufacturer of ink-jet printing devices. The dye cares of the operability of a printer and is 100% compatible with the device. If you need to hide any information, print with the help of invisible ink, while for the printing on fabric you will need ecosolvent ink.

Pigment Ultra ink from INKSYSTEM company is a guarantee of a high quality and a reliable work of a device. Pigment Ultra ink for printers as well as dye-based, pigment, sublimation, invisible or ecosolvent ink can be bought on our site. In the catalogue 8 or 9-colour sets of ink are performed for you as well as ink in separate jars. Get maximum print quality withPigment Ultra ink!