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Pigment Ink for Inkjet Printers and Plotters

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Set of pigment ink INKSYSTEM 1000 ml (4 colours)
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Set of pigment ink INKSYSTEM 100 ml (4 colours)
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Quality Pigment Ink for Epson, Canon, HP, Brother Printers

Do you need high-quality printing of text documents? Pigment ink for printers is created specially for this.Use ink with CISS. Such type of dye provides an excellent printing of texts, tables, reports. Water and pigment ink differ basically as in terms of intention as in terms of composition. While the dye in photo ink is completely dissolved in water, the dye in pigment ink is just splintered.

The composition of pigment ink includes the smallest hard particles. This is pigment – that very splintered dye. Though the particles are very small, they have all the features of a rigid body. A special composition of the dye provides high-quality printing of a text. The pigment clings to paper, and the particles cling to each other, that`s why letters, figures and lines are so accurate and clean. This is the reason why pigment ink copes with text printing better, while water-solvent one prints photos with a higher quality.

Using sublimation or ultra chrome ink for a CISS, you provide not only high quality of text printings, but their durability as well. By the way, sublimation ink price Cardiff is quite reasonable. Texts, charts, drafts can be printed without loss of quality and for a minimal cost price. So, you may buy ultrachrome k3 ink Chester and start saving right now!

Pigment ink provides not only quality and economy. An ink-jet printer with ink from INKSYSTEM company works stably and reliably. Epson printers with CISS for pigment ink print perfectly! So, you can buy printer online Birmingham, buy this type of ink and get excellent text printings with your printing device!