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Invisible ink

Today we have a possibility to choose not only a printing device, but also different printing materials among wide assortment of printing equipment. Any inkjet device needs special consumables, which could differ depending on their purpose, quality, price, manufacturer and many others characteristics.

Among all the variety of ink, invisible ink has a particular interest, because their function and sphere of application has rather specific directionality, and the printing itself is undoubtedly unique.

Invisible or sympathetic ink is the ink, by using which you will get an invisible text.Use ink with CISS. Due to this characteristic, it is widely used in printing of important information that needs protection from outsiders. Invisible ink is using for printing of text matter and images, for marking of signs of special appointment. This ink is reliable and excellently copes with its mission-the protection of information. To make the text to be invisible, you need definite conditions such as heating, ultraviolet lighting or processing with special chemical developing agents.

In every type of printing, the quality of printed images will depend on dye choosing. On our site you could find a wide variety of inks, among which there are sympathetic inks that could reliably and for a good while protect any important information form unwanted observers. The ink is excellently compatible with CISS and could provide you not only with invisible printing, but also with rather economic expenses.

Also invisible ink could be used in dual printing. In this case at first the text or mark with invisible ink is applies to the paper. And then the unimportant information is applies over it. This kind of information protection is really reliable and is used for a long time.

From the history of invisible inks

From the earliest times people was interested in the possibility of secret information transfer. Today together with great achievements of science and technique there are a lot of ways of exchanging and protection of important data. But at the same time, the invisible ink is continuing to be widely used both in our day-to-day life and in printing of serious information.

For the first time ever the invisible inks were mentioned in the notes of Philon Alexandreos (1 century CE). He described a method of writing with the help of oak galls juice and the following text development after the treatment with iron and copper salts. One method of cryptography with smut and milk usage is also known. It was recommended to lovers by Ovidius, who was a known poet in ancient Rome. On the sheet with a secret message, which was written with milk, the smut was applied. After it was blowing away the small parts were stuck only to letters. In the same way the moisture of plants were used, the references about this were made in Natural history.

In mediaeval Europe this type of ink was widely used by con-men, who showed to ignorant people miracles of unexpected appearing. Later the invisible ink became widely used in many countries for secret diplomatic correspondence delivery. The invisible ink was also popular in the middle Ages. So, Russian revolutionists wrote their messages between strings with milk and in such a way they send messages from prisons.

For the first time the definition for invisible ink as sympathetic ink was introduced by French chemist N. Lemery in 1675 in his Cours de Chymie - "Chemistry course". This book had a great success and since then this name has been firmly fixed to the secret ink. During the Second World War the composition of sympathetic ink was changing permanently. It became more complicated and it was difficult to find it out.

There are many kinds of sympathetic inks, which are classified according to teir different parameters. The color after development, the way of their revealing or the ink nature, which depends on their structure, could be as a determinant attribute. This ink played an important part in the actions of politicians and spies all over the world, as well as of average citizens, who needed to send messages secretly.

The structure of invisible ink

The manufacturing of invisible ink has been started a long time ago. There are a lot of agents, which were used for their preparation. Million people applied different methods of cryptogram. One of them just used milk for that; others applied different complicated chemical compounds. But all of them tried to find out a reliable way of information protection. Since the First World War chemists have been working with invisible inks formula. They improved and variegated inks greatly. The composition of up-to-date invisible inks could differ essentially and as a rule, they have colorless or light colored agents in their structure, which could react with other reagents and make vividly colored products. As the main components such chemicals as different acids, salts as well as edible solutions, moisture of plants and other reagents could be used. Everything depends on chemists and manufacturers professionalism.

Interestingly, a famous spy Mata Hari also used invisible ink in her activity. During her caption in Paris a bottle of cobaltous chloride solution was found. This fact aroused suspicions and acted as a motive for her uncovering. Cobaltous chloride has interesting characteristics and it could be successfully used in cryptogram. The text, which was written with such solution will be absolutely invisible and will appear if heating slightly.

Not long ago, American researchers from the Michiganian University found out another secret of writing with invisible ink. It was widely used by German intelligence agency. They placed a sheet of paper, which was saturated with cerous oxalate, between clean sheets. After that they wrote a message on the upper sheet, which printed on the lower sheet. This text developed after the processing of the paper with magnesium sulfate, peroxide solution or other additional reagents. As a result, an orange text appeared. During the Second World War soldiers used many other reagents for secret information delivery, among which the most widespread was copper sulfate, which was developed after sodium iodide treatment, iron sulfate and chloride of sodium, which developed after interacting with caustic silver.

Reagents for sympathetic ink

Paper remains most widespread medium for invisible writing. Due to it, it is easier to send messages and important documents, which shouldn't be disclosed. They could be printed by an ordinary inkjet printer easily. But you could also write any secret messages on other mediums, among which fabric takes the second place. And after them metal, glass, wood and plastic uses. Their surface needs a special treatment.

Your important information is under reliable control

We shouldn't forget about the quality of prints when using invisible ink. They have meet special requirements, which are needed when using them. The applied text or image can play an important part, that is why it has to be distinct and contrast under the influence ultraviolet, and the ink itself has to be reliable. Besides, this kind of ink protects the text from external effects and keeps its original appearance. Certainly, it doesn't mean, that you can do whatever you want with the prints, but in normal use it will not lose its quality for a long period.

You could buy invisible ink as for work, so just for spy games. This ink founds their customers among people of different age and activities. The possibilities, which you could obtain, are incredible.

You could use this ink for printers of different manufacturers. The Eco solvent ink from INKSYSTEM is compatible with a lot of inkjet printers and MF's. Besides of a good ink quality, you will get an additional care for your printing device, because sympathetic ink never dries up even in three months demurrage and provides a reliable operation of the printing head. The invisible ink makes it possible to print secret information without any risk, as for disclosure to outsiders.

From everlasting, people have tried to protect their information. Today, with the development of technologies, we have such a possibility. Sympathetic ink reveals a fascinating world of intrigue, secrets and secret messages. You could purchase a qualified ink for invisible printing from our site. INKSYSTEM ink is manufacturing in South Korea. Skilled technicians and master workmen take care of product manufacturing on every stage. All the production, which includes invisible ink, goes through several stages of quality verification. That is why you could be sure of the high quality of prints and steady operation of your printing device.

Both sympathetic and other kinds of high quality ink (Pigment, for example) you could buy from our site. Besides unique invisible printing, you will get a guaranteed compatibility with the printing device and steady operation for a long period. You could purchase a needed amount of sympathetic ink by choosing a set of needful configuration or a bottle of dye of necessary volume. This ink is also perfectly compatible with Continuous Ink Supply System, which is irreplaceable for inkjet printers. The economical and steady printing with CISS and unique inks will give you a real pleasure during printing.

You could buy any product for a reasonable price from our online-store not to stir out of the house or in an shop. Invisible ink is a reliable protection of your information.