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Set of ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM 1000 ml (6 colours)
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Set of ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM 1000 ml (4 colours)
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Ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM Light Cyan 1000 ml (South Korea)
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Ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM Light Magenta 1000 ml (South Korea)
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Ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM Black 1000 ml (South Korea)
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Ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM Cyan 1000 ml (South Korea)
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Ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM Magenta 1000 ml (South Korea)
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Eco Sublimation Ink

Today we couldn't imagine our life without prints and color images, which circle us everywhere. This source and data medium is a good assistant in advertising and studying.

Eco Sublimation (Eco solvent) Inks are manufactured specially for outdoor advertising. Posters, signboards, billboards, which were printed with eco solvent ink, will look perfectly in any weather. This kind of dye is stable to the external environment and it became very popular among advertising specialists and designers.

Set of ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM 1000 ml - 6 coloursThis ink has a good adhesive capacity and can be used in different printers. An excellent solution for large-format printing, the eco solvent ink allows getting really vivid color prints.

The ink consists of a small quantity of solvent, due to which we have a possibility to print incredibly saturated images.Use ink with CISS. Rendering of maximum quantity of colors is one of the main tasks of this dye, which meet users' expectations in the best way possible. Due to the presence of the agents, which is aggressive to the printing surface, it became possible to make prints on plastic, polymer film and other medium that is subjected to the reaction with alcohols and solvents.

Solvent ink has the optimal characteristics for external usage. It has a high degree of stability to the environment, to ultraviolet rays and moreover this ink has a rather low price that makes it irreplaceable for such purposes. But it has one disadvantage. It is toxic and has a disagreeable odor that allows using it only outdoors.

Eco solvent ink is an up-to-date ink with an improved formula. It has the same merits as solvent ink, but it also has its own peculiarity. Eco solvent ink doesn't have any disagreeable odor and it is less toxic. This kind of dye could be used with different inexpensive materials; it doesn't need any special coating or surface pre-treatment and following surface coating. Eco solvent ink from INKSYSTEM has a high level of adhesive capacity, due to which it is possible to work with different mediums.

Some information about solvent ink

The main component of this sort of ink is a solvent, which is a mixture of light hydrocarbons that is extracted from petroleum or coal feedstock, and is an organic solvent in itself. Solvent ink differs in its composition, feedstock, percentage of solvent content and other criterions.

Set of ecosolvent ink INKSYSTEM 1000 ml - 4 coloursTo the main kind of solvent ink the following could be related:

- Hard Solvent inks that differ by the content of rather large amount of solvent as a dye. It causes a rather strong smell during printing and maintenance. Generally, such inks are toxic and they couldn't be applied indoors.

- Light or Mild Solvent inks. They consist of a smaller amount of solvent and have more or less endurable smell while printing and maintenance of the print.

Eco Solvent inks are mope popular and are wide-spread in their class. They have minimal quantity of organic solvent and are widely used by typographers and designers in outdoor advertising.

Eco Sublimation Inks allow you to apply image on a film, plastic, banner fabric, and at that they reproduce all the scale of colors and shades. Their functional principle is that solvent enters in co-operation with the upper layer of the medium surface, dissolves it, and as a result the particles of pigment penetrate the structure of the material.

The usage of Eco Sublimation Inks is possible only for printers with piezoelectric printing technology. The majority of Epson printers, at the heart of which a MicroPiezo printing head is, will perfectly fit. A high qualitative large-format printing, steady prints, all these are possible with inks from INKSYSTEM, the leader in sphere of consumable materials.

Eco Sublimation Ink is the best solution for outdoor usege

The possibilities of this type of ink are really impressive. The promotional materials, which were printed with it, will have a high photographic quality. The printing itself is not expensive, and the prints will be resistant to the aggressive atmosphere. Among the main components are solvent and coloring pigments, which are almost solventless and less damageable, than ordinary water-based dyes. The solvent that is used in manufacturing of this ink is based on mineral oil and it is less toxic and dangerous for the human health.

INKSYSTEM Company ensures the highest quality of Eco Sublimation Ink and a handy printing process. Besides of the vivid images, you will get an additional care for your printing device. Our inks are protected from drying and they take care of the printer's printing head. And as a result, you will get a steady and reliable operation of your device for a long time.

Your advertising is your quality

In manufacturing of outdoor advertising, one of the most important point is the place of its disposition. Because the treacherous weather makes allowances and it doesn't take care of color or drawings. In order to keep your advertising in attractive condition when snowing or raining, under the sun or in heavy frost, you just should use only a high qualitative ink from a reliable manufacturer. From our site you could purchase Eco Sublimation Ink and other consumable materials of the highest quality.

This dye is usually used to make images that apply in interior design. A beautiful, deep color image could decorate any interior.

The main merits of this ink from INKSYSTEM Company:

  • a guarantee high quality of inks;
  • a high degree of adhesion (adhesive capacity);
  • 100% compatibility with printer or MF device;
  • wide color coverage;
  • the best quality-price ratio.

INKSYSTEM Company ensures a high product quality. The consumable materials for inkjet printing are manufactured by the highly-skilled professionals on the up-to-date equipment in South Korea. All production overpasses several stages of quality control testing. In our online store you could find Eco Sublimation Ink at factor cost. Except for excellent, steady prints you will get care about your printing device. Due to their unique composition, these inks don't dry up even on demurrage, up to three months and they take care about printing head of the printer.

Eco Sublimation Ink is perfectly compatible with refillable cartridges and Continuous Ink Supply System. With CISS you get a possibility to reduce your printing expenses up to 30-40 times. You relieve yourself from unnecessary problem concerning purchasing of new ink tanks. Continuous Ink Supply System provides you with a reliable and steady printing that could last endlessly long.

On our site a wide assortment of alternative consumables is represented. Among them you could find all kinds of inks (including invisible ink) for any kind of printing. Choose what you need and enjoy printing process. The ink from INKSYSTEM is a guaranty of qualitative and steady printing for a long time.

Quality Ecosolvent Ink for Epson, Canon, HP, Brother Printers

In this section you can choose and buy ecosolvent ink. This dye is perfect for outdoor advertising printing needs. Moreover, this product is used for interior design printing needs.

Ecosolvent ink contains very little solvent. That's why you can buy ecosolvent ink for ink-jet printers and get printings with exceptionally saturated colours. Bright and rich colour shades are very important for outdoor advertising. Billboards, posters, photo wallpaper printed with the help of such dye are rather durable. You may buy ecosolvent ink for the creation of durable printings.

One more peculiarity of this type of ink is a high rate of adhesion. What does it give? Well, you may just buy ecosolvent ink and print on different carriers. Such dye makes a perfect cohesion with a surface and holds up very well and stably. Steadiness against external influences is one of the advantages of this ink. If you are going to buy printer online Bradford, you can also buy ecosolvent ink and be sure that printed posters will stand for sun, rain or fog. Also in our online store you can buy photo paper and refillable cartridges for plotters.

You may buy ecosolvent ink on our site – it's the best ink jet superstore Brighton. We offer an excellent price for the dye of such quality. Choose the jars of necessary for you size and package (for example, photo black ink Cambridge) – and get excellent printings!