Контакты в России
We are always welcome to any requests either from other companies or from end customers.

Requests from Europe
Tel.:  4 822 4906753
Tel.:  4 420 35829620
Skype: ils.inksystem
E-mail: ils@inksystem.com, sales@ink-system.eu

Requests from other parts of the world:
Tel.:  1 718 4258339      
E-mail: sales@inksystem.com

Technical support INKSYSTEM:
Tel.: 1 718 4258339 (ad.N. 270)
Tel.: 4 822 4906753 (ad.N. 270)
Skype: inksystem.service
E-mail: support@inksystem.com

WHOLESALE, and franchise programs from INKSYSTEM are available upon request:
Tel.:  1 718 4258339      
E-mail: sales@inksystem.com, ils@inksystem.com

Please feel free to contact us whenever you wish. We are happy to find out your opinions, suggestions or requests about cooperation.