Plaster out of Printer

Not so many people think about first aid means until they feel need for medical help. However when the coincidence of circumstances adds some cares to your everyday rituals, you become concern about every detail. Band-Aid printer concept was intended for cases when wounds or scratches have unusual shape or when the “wounded” is too capricious to put ordinary rectangular plaster.

Anyway, Band-Aid printer concept originated by Han Like, Yang Xiao, Ren Mingjun, Wei Chenjie and Liu Peng can be used to deliver medical plasters of different forms to meet your design requirements. The user can either make a 3D model of future-to-be bandaid or just upload existing pattern. Though the idea itself is pretty interesting, the device can be practically used only in kindergartens or paediatrics as most people got used to shape plaster with scissors instead of messing around with such bizarre device.