Epson and Esko Partnership

The two companies Esko and Epson signed an agreement to supply SurePress L-4033 series with DFE solution. DFE is a system for digital printing providing a solution for transition from analogue to digital data processing. Epson will incorporate Esko’s Digital Front End in its full-colour L-4033A and L-4033AW models of inkjet digital label presses.

The six-colour L-4033A and enhanced seven-colour L-4033AW with integrated DFE will be able to provide differentiated digital labelling to their customers. Because of Colour Engine 12 that goes as an integral part of the DFE, Epson presses ensures proper files processing of up to seven colours so that users could in full measure make use of the capabilities of the series. These models of digital labelling presses were designed to meet requirements of high-quality short-run printing, providing accurate colour rendition on different kinds of media.

Presses with preinstalled DFE will be available in the European countries and Australia, while the devices purchased in the other parts of the world will have it as an option.