Young British Artists You Must Not Miss: Russell Hill

Russell Hill is a promising young artist, who won at Catlin Art Prize in 2011 and recently was featured on Saatchi Online. Born in 1988 in Midlands, he graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2010 and received his BA degree with Honors in Fine Art and is now studying Fine Art Sculpture at Royal College of Art. Though Russell is a very young representative of modern generation of artists, he tries to convey his own view on problems of mankind.
Young artist works with objects arranging them into logical and aesthetical way. For most his artworks Russell uses domestic consumables and breathes his ideas into those installations. Among most recognizable there are two worth mentioning: his degree show and installation that brought him the win at The Catlin Art Prize 2011. The first one is “Airwicks”, the row of 18 air fresheners arranged symmetrically, can’t but impress with their form, the way they cast shadow and association they provoke. Additional effect is that those air fresheners are still working and release aroma every 36 minutes. The second work titled “Landforms” made Russell Hill the winner at Catlin Art Prize. Russell’s works address issues of consumerism and automation. As the artist confessed, he wants to pay homage with his works to movement of 1950′s pop and 1960′s minimalism.
Russell had a number of group exhibitions in London, Herefordshire, Leicester, Blackpool and outside the UK: in Germany and Holland. His artworks enriched private collections in Cyprus, the USA and Spain as well as in the UK.

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