Young British Artists You Must Not Miss: Matthew Stone

Matthew Stone is pretty sure that it is pointless to look for art in museums as "if you want to enjoy your life, you have to look for art everywhere." The artist celebrating Optimism was born in 1982 in London. Having graduated from Camberwell Art School in 2004, where he worked on a degree in Painting, Matthew found himself as a leader of WOWOW art collective based in South London. Stone positions himself as an artist and shaman implying that such combination obliges him to possess extraordinary thinking and transform this knowledge in the way it can be apprehended by the community.

One of the most significant achievements of Stone is WOWOW performance at Tate Britain, in 2008 when the collective managed to attract more than 4000 people. Though being the head of the art collective is not the only Matthew’s talent as he is also a performance artist, photographer, sculptor, curator and writer. His works have been featured in a number of magazines with The Sunday Times, Dazed & Confused, i-D Magazine and Vogue Japan among them. As a part of his DJ’s activity Stone creates soundtracks for designers including Gareth Pugh, Miuccia Prada, Rick Owens, Adam Kimmel and most of his close friends in the fashion sphere. He was a resident DJ at Boombox, a legendary nightclub in London.

Matthew Stone is also known for his nude photographs that can’t but impress with its uncovered beauty. He has chosen such way of rendering his vision, so that exclude such distractions as clothes as it makes people point out not the idea implemented, but rather fall down to consumeristic need for brands.

Supporting the idea that everything is art and everyone is an artist, Mathew tries himself in video production, originating his own art projects as well as creating music video. After his work for These New Puritans, Stone was instantly placed by NME at the list of the “50 Most Fearless People In Music”.

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