Young British Artists You Must Not Miss: Eloise Fornieles

Eloise Fornieles is an unusual artist, whose works are sometimes hard to perception, was born in 1980 in Winchester, The United Kingdom. When she graduated from Kingston University with Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, she proceeded with her education and graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art with Master’s Degree in Fine Art Media.

The artist is famous for her surreal performances challenging viewers’ ethical values and making them face contradictions of their own choices and following consequences. When reading about her you will definitely run across a statement that she outlines relationships between violence and beauty, embodies intimacy and vulnerability. She provokes and teases voyeurism, showing nudity with no connection to sex.

The most stunning performance by Eloise Fornieles is a trilogy: From the Deep Waters of Sleep, Senescence and Carrion. This series of events have one thing in common – time is a tool to question limits of human abilities. While the first performance Eloise didn’t sleep for 48 hours trying to interact with visitors, who talked about their losses. The second performance made her experience vulnerability as she spent three days sleeping with visitors being able to talk to her. The last one was the most shocking addressing people’s consumerism comparing woman’s body to animal flesh.

Works by Eloise Fornieles were exhibited at Paradise Row London (2007, 2009), Nuit Blanche, Paris (2008), Haunch of Venison Berlin (2010) and many others. She represented her artworks worldwide visiting the USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Israel and Albania.

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