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Epson Stylus SX130

  • This stylish printer, scanner and copier is the ideal choice for home users and students who need a compact all-in-one that can print, copy and scan at an affordable price. Buy all-in-one Epson Stylus SX130 with CISS and make 30 times more quality prints - THAT MODEL IS NOT BEING SOLD WITHOUT the Continuous Ink Supply System or Reffilable cartridges.

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Epson Stylus SX130: now and again about asceticism.

For Epson Company June can be described as a month of top models. Only lazybones hasn't been talking about new professional printer Epson Stylus Photo R2000, the successor of well-known R1900, for the last several weeks. Meanwhile, a budget segment also has a reason to boast: a brand-new all-in-one Epson Stylus SX130 was launched on June.

What was it made for?

However, it wouldn't be fair to say "a brand-new all-in-one", because sx125 and Epson Stylus SX130 are the same. If we compare technical details of Epson SX130 and sx125 we will find that the only difference is price: to preserve state of facts, sx130 cost is slightly higher. The designers not only provided it with the same inside, but also didn't bother about its design: Epson Stylus SX130 looks almost the same as its predecessor.

This fact gave us a reason to think that we have revealed the insidious plan of the producers: Epson Company had a need to replace SX125 with a new one device provided by improved chips in order to prevent using of refilling cartridges and CISS with the device. It should be mentioned that all those chips are cracked during the first several weeks but manufacturers still firmly believe that this trick helps.

It is impossible to describe our surprise when we found out that Epson Stylus SX130 has the same cartridges as SX125. Essential question arises: what it was designed for? Probably, the only reason for updating the series is a declared more economical ink consumption in the new system. We may say, it sounds a bit hollow. Most likely, those Epson specialists were guided by an unpretentious aim "we were said to" and so refreshed the series.

Epson Stylus SX130 with CISS

The manufacturer regards his new child as "the most affordable all-in-one device for photos and documents printing". Let us remind you what is claimed about Stylus SX125 by Epson Company's site. In the official press release, there are many high-flown promises about the quality of printing, which, however, with some caution may be considered as truthful. After all, the predecessor of Epson Stylus SX130 has appeared to be a good one.

Not a pin to choose between them. The principal rival is obviously Epson Stylus SX125. As we have already mentioned, they have no principal differences. Cartridges, printing head, control buttons are all the same. What is the point in overpaying? However, with the laps of time the sensation will vanish and the price will drop down till reasonable point. And after that the all-in-one-twins will be on an equal footing.

Now the plot thickens – predecessors of the predecessor. Devices we mean are Epson Stylus TX117 and Epson Stylus TX119. On the one hand, the inside of these printers has slight difference with Epson SX130. On the other hand, their design is more catching, though printers have no vital differences in styling. It appears that you can transform trendy home all-in-one into boring and commonplace device just with several alterations. It is necessary to mention that TX119 costs less than SX130, but TX117 price is higher. Those, who are concerned about style of the device, may choose one of these predecessors as an alternative.

Another pair of rivals is of higher price. They are brother-twins: Epson Stylus SX420W and Epson Stylus SX235W. Either of them has wireless module, considerable resolution of the scanner (1200x2400 against 600x1200 dpi), LCD and, of course, catching design. Actually, they occupy another functional-price niche, so can't be regarded as equal rivals.

Let us draw a brief conclusion. Our hero almost has slight price and functional differences with his predecessors. Choice is fully depends on consumers' preferences. Epson stylus SX130 has a couple of quite good but still indirect rivals, so they won't be a hurdle because of different target audience.

Boring impracticality

As it was already mentioned, the appearance of the hero of our review is rather ordinary. However, we did not expect budget system to be stylish – as this is rather an exception to the rule. Epson Stylus SX130 has the same for most budget devices feature, and this, of course, is compact size. By the way, new dimensions are exactly the same as Epson Stylus SX230. And the shape of the printer is the same: almost a perfect parallelepiped. The exceptional correctness of the form is violated by that rounded corners and a small protrusion on the back side.

Epson Stylus SX130

As for practicality, it remained on the same level: the surface of the body is mostly matt, but the cover of the scanner is made glossy. Not a very good decision, because it is a bit troublesome to keep it clean.

The control panel has four buttons: on/off button, button to cancel the current procedure, one for monochrome and one for color copying. Nearby are three LED indicators, one of which indicates a critically low ink level, the second - the absence or "chewing" of paper, and the third – the presence / absence of power. There is only one attachment interface in Epson SX130 – USB 2.0. Actually, it is pretty common for budget all-in-one.

We didn't even hope to find USB-cable within the set, because even Epson top devices are sold without it. And we were right. By the way, the set comprises a set of original cartridges, power cable, disk with drivers and software and installation manual. Another intermediate conclusion. Epson Stylus SX130 design corresponds to its price. The device is compact, but rather unremarkable and impractical.

Nothing special

Epson Stylus SX130 printing system is a commonplace. The device uses only 4 colors for printing: black, yellow, magenta and cyan, in other words it uses standard CMYK palette. Black cartridge capacity is 5,9ml and the others – 3,5ml. We had greater expectations to obtain for 10$ (it is a price for each cartridge). By the way, producer offers to buy a set of 4 cartridges and save 10%. Well, at least.

All-in-one uses DURABrite Ultra pigmental ink, which is considered to be good. According to the manufacturer's promises, the device delivers fast-drying prints that resist water, highlighter pens and fading over the years. All this is trustworthy, as while Epson SX125 testing these promises were confirmed on practice.

In addition to the excellent quality of printing, advertisers promise impressive speed as well. According to the technical specifications for the all-in-one, it is capable to print 28 monochrome or 15 color pages of text per minute. Standard 10x15cm photo should be printed for 93 seconds. We wouldn't say it is trustworthy information and there are several reasons why.

First of all, the manufacturer often overestimates the speed parameters of their creations. Secondly, not all of the top model devices are able to print with claimed speed. And thirdly, our hero predecessor failed the test and printed only a couple of text pages of the highest possible quality. It took it three minutes and a half to print a photo. So it's not worth looking for a miracle.

Epson SX130 has a contact scanner. Its resolution is not high - 600х1200 dpi only. Nevertheless, it should be enough for home printing. And because the scanner is similar to the previous model, we can hope for a tolerable result. To sum up, we must say that this device is good enough for home use. Regarding the predecessor's low speed of printing, in our case printing speed is also doubtable.

Printing test

The quality of documents printing appeared to be acceptable. However, the new product obtained its predecessor's imperfection – lack of color richness: text is rather dark-grey than black. And one more defect – symbols irregularity. However, it is not a problem if we print with the best quality settings or in draft version. As for photo printing, we were satisfied with the result. Photos are clear and sharp and color rendering is good enough. So, it is a good choice for home photo printing.

Speed of printing. Result is far from being impressive: Epson Stylus SX130 has a slight speed advantage. It produced 2,5 text pages ("Text" quality) per minute. It took 3,5 minutes to print a 10x15cm photo ("Best quality"). In general, it is an ordinal device with an ordinary speed.But the scanner proved to be up to mark. Despite low resolution, it provided prints of a high quality. We found no pitfalls.

Advantages of the model:

  • text and photo printing of good quality;
  • high quality of scanning;
  • affordable price.


  • low speed of printing;
  • unpractical design.

Conclusion on Epson Stylus SX130

As it was expected, the Epson Stylus SX130 model was almost identical to its predecessor. This all-in-one provides good quality of text and photo printing according to the average home printing devices. But the speed of printing is disappointing: the budget machines are still slow. However, if taking into account that speed is not so important for home printing and the price of the device is more than affordable, it makes sense to stop your choice on it. Buy in London, Brighton, Birmingham, and Manchester!

Epson Stylus SX130


Printing Method    
4-colour inkjet printer, Epson Micro Piezo™ printhead

Nozzle Configuration    
Black: 90 nozzles. Colour: 29 nozzles x 3 (cyan, magenta, yellow)

Droplet Size    

Print Resolution    
Up to 5760x1400 optimised dpi on suitable media using RPM (Resolution Performance Management)


Print Speed Black Text A4    
Up to 28ppm*2

Print Speed Colour Text A4    
Up to 15ppm*2

Print Speed Photo 10x15    
Approx. 93secs*2

Printer Interface    
USB Full Speed - compatible with the USB 2.0 Specification*3


Scan Speed Black A4    
300dpi 4msec/line, 600dpi 5msec/line

Scan Speed Colour A4    
300dpi 12msec/line, 600dpi 15 msec/line

Scanning Technology    
A4 flatbed colour image scanner

Sensor Type    

Scan Resolution    
600 x 1200dpi

Paper Handling

Paper Capacity    
100 sheets A4 plain paper (75g/㎡)

Paper Trays    

Media Size    
A4, letter, legal, 13x18cm, 10x15cm, A5, A6, B5, 16:9 wide size, user defined, envelopes: No. 10, DL, C6

Print Margin    
0mm top, left, right, bottom via custom settings in printer driver*4


Power Consumption    
Approx.12W (standalone copying, ISO/IEC24712 pattern)

AC 220-240V

Optional Warranty    
Optional extension to 3 years

Standard Warranty    
1-year standard warranty

Dimensions W x D x H    
436 x 304 x 150mm

Operating Systems    
Windows XP/XP Professional x64 Edition/Vista/7/Mac OS 10.4.11 or later

3.9kg (excluding ink cartridges/power cable)

Epson Easy Photo Print; Epson Event Manager; ABBYY FineReader® 9.0 Sprint (PC); ABBYY FineReader® 8.0 Sprint (Mac)

Noise Level    
5.3B(A)*5, 37.6dB(A)*5

CISS for Epson SX130

Number of colors:

dye-based ink "INKSYSTEM" (South Korea), 4 colors 130 ml

Material of CISS:

2 years

Country of origin:
South Korea

the same as original

Numbers of original cartridges:

My husband and I bought Epson Stylus SX130. We are very satisfied with the work of this MFD. Earlier we used printer and scanner separately. It was very uncomfortable because these two devices occupied too much place. Now we've freed working place and provided ourselves with high quality of ink-jet printing.
Samantha,Ipswich 27/11/2012, 18:46

I am very pleased with this model, everything works accurately and coordinated!
Abraham,Ealing 15/01/2013, 15:43

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