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Epson L200

The MFP Epson L200 overview

Let us present a new model in the line "Epson Print Factory" to you – the MFP Epson L200. According to the manufacturer, this appliance is a multifunctional printer providing documents for the lowest costs. It is created to meet productional needs arising in small business or other institutions; the MFP contains original CISS and has the warranty of up to 6 months which is about 6000 prints.

Multifunctional printer Epson L200

Technical features of L200

The significant particularity of this model is its Micro Piezo print head which is also named piezo technology and has been making the Epson company popular for a long time. The highest printing speeds possible are 27 black-and-white and 15 colorful pages per minute with the resolution of maximum 5760x1440 dpi. The printing of one photo sized 10x15 cm lasts more than 60 seconds. The volume of one ink drop is 4 pl.

Having rather humble performance the ink-jet printer the L200 Epson manages to fulfill its basic tasks wonderfully. When you deal with office documents the scanner and copier of the device being added to the main function – printing – make this machine priceless. The software which can be very easily installed will raise no difficulties even for beginners. These who have already got interested in the presented appliance should also take note of Epson L210.

Original CIS-systems by Epson

The factory CISS has the reservoirs of the volume 70 ml each. The manufacturer promises that one filling will last you 12000 monochromatic and 6500 colorful sheets. Due to this advantage will let you save much costs on expendables and the issues connected with refilling and ink consumption will be less actual for you. The printer runs using special dye-ink. Please mind that the producers consider that it is preferable to refill the CISS tanks with Epson inks. All the fans of quality colorful printing can also check the section dedicated to Epson L300 ink-jet printer.

Convenient and compact MFP

The size of the machine is rather not big so you are always able to put it on your working place, and the convenient practical design particular for matt flutted coating helps your appliance to remain not damaged, with no fingerprints or wretcges on it. The connection to PC can be performed through USB only that is located on the back side of the printer. The panel contains for buttons with the help of which one can regulate such processes as on/off power mode, copying in color or black-and-white, cancelling the current task. Moreover there are also diodes due to which it is possible to find out about the ink level in reservoirs as well as electricity and paper available.

So, we are no able to sum up that the MFP Epson L200 is a rather simple machine with no excess stuff. There is no display or options of different connection as well as card reader. The device was created to provide stable and reliable work in office conditions. The built in fabric CISS allows using original expendables with higher rate of economy and provides you with prints of perfect quality ensuring considerable longevity of your printing device.

Awesome model. The original system of CISS – it's cool. Printing is superb.
Matthew,Marazion 15/02/2013, 16:27

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