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Epson Inkjet Photo L800

  • The Epson L800 is the world’s first branded photo printer with an integrated ink tank system that gives you high volume prints at the lowest running cost.

  • Comes with original Epson Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
    299.99 £
    in stock

Epson L800

Epson L800 is a new member of L-series device that stands out against others due to first ever producer factory CISS. The device can be viewed as an all-purpose printer as it can be used either at home or in office. Though it is a one function printer, it will find its customers who are eager for high volume printing at lower price.


Epson L800 could be called a twin brother to Epson P50 if not taking into account its integrated Ink Tank. The device looks like a squat black unit with matte and glossy finish and external ink tank to the right. Capacity of external vessels was enlarged to 70ml so that to provide longer performance per refill and higher amount of pages printed while reducing expenses for printing. Control panel houses 3 control buttons and that is all you will see except for output tray.


Epson L800 uses 6-colour gamut (CcMmYK) in couple with Micro Piezo printing system allowing users obtaining clear and sharp text documents and real-to-life full-colour photographs. The printer is provided with 5760 x 1440 dpi printing resolution and special Variable Size Droplet Technology (VSDT) allowing it to produce ink droplet of different sizes with minimal ink drop size of 1.5pl. The device is capable of sending and receiving data via USB connection, though it is the only interface leaving LAN and Wi-Fi interfaces to newer models. Epson L800 can boast with its Epson Easy Photo Print and Epson Print CD software, providing additional opportunities to users.

In the end, it is important to stress that Epson L800 Ink Tank Photo Printer is the first photo printing device using genuine continuous ink supply system that proved its profitability and inspired Epson Inc. to equip its devices with it. Still one of the minuses of Epson L800 printer is that the manufacturer cut back warranty period to half a year. So…

Alternatives providing similar performance and maintenance prices

Epson P50 + CISS

Choosing this special offer means you will preserve the same output results as while printing with Epson L800 and saving several times more. Epson P50 has the same hardware and due to this provides neat imprints with sharp symbols and brisk colours.

Cost-effectiveness of the Epson P50 and CISS kit is that you buy the device with preinstalled CISS by INKSYSTEM and save on the purchase itself as the price is £208.33 compared to £499.99 of Epson L800. In addition to that, you will reduce expenditures on ink while preserving warranty, provided by our service centre.More details…

Epson PX730WD + CISS

Such alternative will be attractive to those, who want to print brilliant photos and not to overpay for them. Though Epson PX730 is an all-in-one on the contrary to L800 model, still it belongs to the same price niche. The device provides additional functions for the same price while installed CISS enables users to save on each delivered imprint. As in the case with P50 printer you save on purchase as you pay £215.18 and maintenance as you have valid warranty and lower price for ink. More details…

Epson SX440W + CISS

It is a multifunctional device with Micro Piezo printing technology making use of 4 colour cartridges only, still providing superb printing results. You can make use of all its additional options and save on copying due to low prime cost of either a copy or an imprint that is possible owe to using of CISS. It may be useful to know you can buy it for £145.32 only and prevent your pocket from a deep hole in it because of overpaying for consumables. More details…

Epson SX445W + CISS

This multifunctional device appeared in the list because of affordability of printing and similar printing technology. As all the printers mentioned above, this one uses Micro Piezo print head, though in couple with 3pl ink drop size that will best suit both text document printing and delivering of images or photos.You can purchase Epson SX445W with CISS for £142.76 and achieve even higher economy than with L800 printer.More details…

Brother DCP-J315W + CISS

It is a better deal if you are looking for a working horse and are not planning to print photos often as the device shows its best in printing of text documents. Its price with CISS of £150.80 awards users with opportunity to purchase stable working printer delivering high-quality printouts and ensuring inexpensive printing. Winning combination of this slogger and system of continuous ink supply will surpass the sum you can save with L800. More details…
EPSON Inkjet Photo L800

Type of printer EPSON Inkjet Photo L800 6-colour (CLcMLmYK)

Printing technology inkjet (piezoelectric)

Maximum resolution (dpi) 5760 x 1440

Minimum size of ink drop (pl) 1.5

Configuration of nozzles 90х6 (black, cian, light cian, magenta, light magenta, yellow)

Speed of printing A4 text, b&w, Economy Mode (p/min) 37 (Draft)
A4 text, colour, Economy Mode (p/min) 38 (Draft)
10 x 15 cm photo, Draft Mode (sec/photo) 11 (with borders), 12 (borderless)

Interface USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (for connection to PC/Mac)

Media format Sheets: 10х15 cm, 13х18 cm, 9х13 cm, 13х20 cm, 20х25 cm, 4"x6", 5"х8", 8"х10", 3,5"х5", 102х181 mm
Envelops: C6 (114 х 162 mm), DL (110 х 220 mm), №10 (104 х 240 mm)Catalogue cards

Media dencity 64-90 gsm(standard paper), maximum 300 gsm(for original Epson media)

Borderless printing (dimentions) 10х15, 13х18, А4

Borderless printing yes

Output area of EPSON Inkjet Photo L800 210 х 297 mm

Border area of printing (on 4 sides of sheet, mm) 0 mm top, bottom, sides / 3 mm top, bottom, sides

Paper tray capacity 120 sheets А4 (standard paper 60 gsm)

Drivers for OS Windows Vista;Windows XP Professional x64 Edition;Windows XP;Windows 2000

Support of Print Image Matching yes

Support of Exif Print (Exif 2.2) yes

Printing on a CD да, CD/DVD диски: 8 cm, 12 cm

Minnimum configurations of computer Windows 2000/Windows XP (1ГГц, internal memory (RAM) 512 Мб, memory on a hard driver (HHD) 250Mb
Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition/Vista – go to hardware requirements в Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition/Vista

Operating voltage (V) 220-240

Alternating current frequency (hz) 50-60

Noise level (less than, dB) 36

Power consumption according to ISO 10561 Letter Pattern (up to, W) 15,6

Power consumption in standby mode (W) 1,1

Dimentions length х width х height (standard) 450х282х187 mm
Weight (kg) 5.4

Operating conditions Working temperature (C) from 10 to 35
Use with air humidity (relative degree, %) from 20 to 80

Packaging Epson Inkjet Photo L800, CD with driver and software, user manual, manual on network connection, power cable, warranty

Warranty 6 months

Type of device EPSON Inkjet Photo L800 printer

Photo Printing device Epson L800

Epson L800 is the first inkjet printer in the world with built-in CISS (continuous ink supply system). This printing device will be an excellent assistant both at home or in office, in photo labs or in small business companies. It will meet everyone's expectations from a private photographer to a business user. This printer will provide you with a high-quality and at that economical printing. Due to it you will able to get a lot of vivid and bright pictures and photos on CD/DVD discs.

Photo Printer Epson L800For printing Epson Inkjet Photo L800 uses six-color printing system, which reproduces a lot of colors and shades. Its maximum printing resolution is up to 5760x1440 dots per inch with ink droplets size in 1.5 picolitres. This printing device will draw attention of all the fans of photo printing to its excellent quality and colorful and vivid printed images.

Besides, it has a rather high printing speed. This characteristic can be called its main advantage. Just for 12 seconds Printer Epson L800 allows you to get photos of 10x15 format. Its printing speed is up to 38 pages per minute for color documents and 37 pages per minute for black-and-white ones.

MFP L800 Epson printer is an excellent example of economic and qualitative device

Printer Epson L800 has Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) in a set. It consists of ink reservoirs with the volume of 70 ml. Due to this System you will print more and at that you will never think about cartridge replacement. From time to time, you just have to refill the ink tank, which has already run out of ink. Such operation will save you money greatly, because you don't need to replace the whole cartridge, you have to add necessary ink and to continue printing. CISS will make the printing process cheaper and longer comparatively to other inkjet printing devices. We would like to draw your attention to such model as Epson L100. It also will provide you with rather cheap and qualitative printing and will give you the possibility to save your budget without loss of quality.

Epson L800 has modest configurations. It doesn't have any card readers, LCD- displays, different remote connections and other various "bells and whistles". The front panel has buttons with LED-indicators, such as power on/off, cancellation request and ink reservoirs refilling. This multifunctional device also has very handy and understandable software. Within two clicks you will able to begin your work. Even a beginner will perfectly cope with this device. If you want to save your budget, we will recommend you to pay your attention to a printing device with preinstalled original Continuous Ink Supply System. For example, it could be such a multifunctional device, as Epson L200.

Multifunctional printing device Epson L800

Practical design

This printing device couldn't be proud of its ultra-compact dimensions, but its elaborated design will perfectly fit any working place. It has an up-to-date and stylish casing, which is made of thick and strong enough plastic. Its glossy surface was replaced with practical mat coating. Such a casing is much more practical and handy in operation. Due to such a coating its case will be without finger marks and scratches. A cross-sectional pentagon brought to the design of Epson L800 printer some originality.

The case of the Continuous Ink Supply System from Epson is also has a glossy coating. It is situated on the lateral side of the Epson L800. The manufacturer has made necessary arrangements as to the transportation of this printing device. You could easily move or transport it due to a special mechanism, which fixes the ink flow. The ink reservoirs have a special design, which provides you with handy and convenient process of cartridge replacement. The problem of cartridge refilling will be solved forever.


This multifunctional device is being marketed by the manufacturer as a corporate printer, which will provide users with stable, reliable and handy operation. It was designed especially for using in different photo salons or laboratories. If you use only original ink and consumable materials, L800 will provide you with pretty good quality of color photos. The warranty period from official manufacturer is 6 months or 3,000 prints. Our highly skilled workers will offer you consultations in any question and will provide you with warranty and post-warranty repair.

Nowadays, multifunctional device L800 doesn't have any competitors in a range of similar devices on the market. In the sphere of up-to-date office equipment, only Epson offers printing devices with factory CISS unit. If you are looking for a fast, cheap and qualitative printing device, we will recommend you to turn your attention to this modern representative of the class.

The review of Epson L800

This Photo Printer Epson L800 is the first printing device in the world with already installed CISS. Everybody searching for economical and qualitative printing will find it ideal, moreover it is considered to be suitable for private photographers, photo laboratories and other business users. It allows you to get wonderful pictures and images on such disks as CD and DVD.

The ink set of the model Photo L800 from Epson consists of 6 colors and is able to transmit every shade and tone of an image. Printing resolution can be as high as 5760x1440 dpi, while the size of an ink drop is only 1.5 pl. This printing device will be evaluated by all the color photos fans as with it one can gain great image quality. Speed parameters also belong to important advantages of the appliance given. Thus, using it you need 12 seconds to get photos sized 10x15 cm, the printing spead reaches the level of 37 black-and-white or 38 colorful photos per 60 seconds.

The ink-jet printer Epson L800 - quality and economy combined perfectly

L800 with ciss at Home has built-in CISS which consists of reservoirs 70 ml each, using which allows you to print more and not worry about sudden need of replacing the cartridge. So the costs on printing are not so high in scope if compared with other ink-jet devices. We recommend you to pay your attention to the interesting decision for getting prints of high quality at rather low price - Epson L100 too.

If we take into account different additional functions, it is notable that this printing machine has no card readers, remote connections or displays. On the panel of L800 Epson you will find buttons diodes among which there are on/off power buttons and several ones for refilling ink containers and cancelling operations. Simple installation of software will allow you to save time and start your work having made only two clicks. It will be useful to check up the Epson L110 section, if you look for an appliance with original CIS-system.

Convenient design

This printing machine is not considered to be one of compact design, but at the same due time its well-elaborated construction it can be put to every working place. Its case is of solid plastic and is rather firm. And practical matt weaved coating instead of a glossy one adds comfort in usage. The pentagon in cross-section gains originality to Epson Photo L800 too.

The Epson CISS is installed in the polished shiny case fixed on the lateral side of Inkjet Printer with ciss L800. The constructers cared to provide convenient appliance's transportation and added a leverage helping to stop the out-flow of inks. Ink reservoirs can be refilled rather easily moreover the problem of replacing cartridges regularly will arise never again.


According to the manufacturers, this appliance is designed for reliable and stable functioning. Created for photo labs and salons, Photo L800 gives you images of high quality on condition you use original ink. The producer's guarantee lasts 6 months which is about 3000 prints.

The series "Print Factor" contains nowadays no competitors to the model presented. Among top manufacturing companies designing printers Epson now is the only to produce machines with already installed factory CISS. Printer L800 with ciss is modern pattern of inexpensive and fast printing.

I am a professional photographer and i use this printer and the pictures quality is perfect better than many photo labs.L 800 is great.
Ramon,La Ceiba,Honduras 28/12/2012, 09:05

I was immediately interested in the genuine CISS. When the opportunity occurred, I bought it straight away. Yes, the printing has become much more economical, the cost of inkjet prints reduced. And you have a very good price here. So why we chose you.
Nelson,West Bromwich 15/02/2013, 16:30

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