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All-in-one Brother MFC-J220

  • MFC-J220 is a compact inkjet All-in-One ideal for the small or home office user. The built-in fax allows you to send and receive documents without using your computer. The 1.9 color LCD display located on the control panel is perfect for viewing images a

  • Attention! Original cartridges are not included!
    103.14£ 80.99 £
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All-in-one Brother MFC-J220 with CISS
Buying a printer together with CISS is economically sound. Continuous Ink Supply System by INKSYSTEM ensures stable and qualitative printing and lessens your financial expenditures at the same time. While buying CISS with printer you start saving prior to printing as the cost of the set is lower than cost of both products separately.
Advantages of CISS:
  • containers of higher capacity
  • the most cost-effective printing
  • lower risk of printing system airing due to absence of contact between printing head and air while refill
Continuous Ink Supply System is a specially constructed ink containers of high capacity that ensure printing of higher amount of imprints per one refill. Printing becomes several times cheaper because you pay for CISS only once and after that purchase inks but not plastic tanks. These facts distinguish the continuous ink supply system from cartridges while purchasing of which you have to overpay for plastic construction itself. The average cost of printing A4-format page using CISS is 0.002 EUR.

When buying a MF with CISS INKSYSTEM, you will pay only 0.034 £ for a full-color A-4 format printing.
All-in-one Brother MFC-J220
All-in-one Brother MFC-J220
Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for Brother MFC J220
Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for Brother MFC J220
  160.85 £
incl. VAT and ink, excl. delivery
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All-in-one Brother MFC-J220 with RC
RC (refillable cartridge) is an alternative to CISS and original cartridges. When buying refillable cartridges with a printer you save for years ahead as you will not have to splash money at plastic container.
Advantages of RC:
  • easy installation
  • low cost of consumables
  • saving on ink for technical reserve
Refillable cartridges are much alike genuine cartridges if consider operation principles, though they have significant advantage over the latter: you can fill RC with ink unlimited number of times and any time you want. After buying Refillable Cartridges you can start printing at once in case you have inks near at hand. As well as in situation with CISS you will feel no need to pay for plastic cartridges themselves, but only get ink when it is required. Refillable Cartridges are the best choice for those who have no space to place a CISS. Prime cost per A4-format imprint is 0.002 EUR.

Just buy MF with RC INKSYSTEM and get a lot of quality color prints!
All-in-one Brother MFC-J220
All-in-one Brother MFC-J220
Refillable cartridges for Brother MFC-J220
Refillable cartridges for Brother MFC-J220
  130.85 £
incl. VAT and ink, excl. delivery
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Brother MFC-J220: perfectly fits home and a small office

Multifunction device MFC-J220 constitutes a compact ink-jet printer of All-in-One class which perfectly fits a small or a home office with not many users. Embedded fax allows sending and receiving documents without computer using. A colored LC-display 1,9 inch which is on the control board perfectly fits for pictures viewing, it has a menu with easy navigation. You may print photos directly from mediums such as digital camera or memory cards.

Printer Brother MFC-J220Brother MFC-J220 multifunction printer will perfectly fit for the work at home or in the office at any moment when you need an accessible printer, scanner, copying device or fax. Ink-jet printer BrotherMFC-J220 of All-in-One class has compact sizes and an opportunity of connecting and printing using Wi-Fi interface. Printer Brother MFC-J220 is practically noiseless, it doesn't have components backlash. It is an easily used device which can work equally well with a stationary computer and without connection to the computer. Thus, you may easily print photos without margins, do homework, print recipes, letters or other documents.

Brother MFC-J220 multifunction printer allows printing directly from memory cards, connecting to computer like its class fellows Brother MFC-795CW and MFC-J430W. Embedded cardreader allows scanning and copying directly from memory cards. Embedded fax accepts and sends messages with the speed of 14,4 Kbps, it is necessary to admit that it is free-running.Brother MFC-J220 prints colored photos and other prints with the resolution up to 6000х1200 dpi. By this its printing speed reaches up to 33 pages/min in monoperformance and up to 27 pages/min in color.

It is sufficiently easy to work with paper because there is a 100 paper tray for А4 (8,5х14,0") paper format. This multifunction printer has a stylish body which doesn't occupy much place that is it may be comfortably placed on a desktop or a shelf that was exactly noticed by the users in such cities as London, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, and Nottingham.

Construction peculiarities

  • A colored LC-display 1,9 inch. Brother Photo Capture Center allows viewing pictures from portable mediums before print.
  • Direct print of photos. Photos print is carried out directly from portable mediums or a digital camera.
  • Quick colored print. Brother MFC-J220 provides print with the speed up to 33 pages/min in monovariant and up to 27 pages/min in color.
  • Universal scanning facilities. Software for scanning is easy in use and there is an opportunity to scan directly to your memory card.
  • Tablet scanner for copying and scanning. Welt facilities of MFD allow copying documents of an unusual form and also thick books.

Embedded fax

You don't need PC for sending and receiving documents. Fax 14,4 Kbps is equipped with the following functions: automatic identification of incoming calls, outer interface TAD, ANI, automatic calling, fax transmission only in black-and-white, fax/telephone switch, and 170 pages of fax memory.

Four cartridges with different ink

Brother MFC-J220 uses economy cartridges which constitute an ink block consisting of four ink containers. You need to substitute only the color which is over.

Scanning: original software

Original software is delivered together with Brother MFC-J220 to make scanned documents more guided. It fits OS Windows and Mac. A factory set of software is Scan Soft Paper Port SE v11 with OCR, visual recognition of such symbols as Nuance, Presto, Page Manager with OCR.

A very cool MFP! I bought it and have no regrets. All is at the highest level. Print quality is excellent, CISS saves ink perfectly well. INKSYSTEM – they are cool guys.
Kurt,Tenbury Wells 15/02/2013, 16:14

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