Loyalty Programme
Loyalty Programme from INKSYSTEM Company is specially designed for our customers – that is, first of all, gratitude for your trust.
    INKSYSTEM® Loyalty Programme means granting discounts for regular customers of the company. According to the programme, when making the first purchase in web-shops or in companies, which are certified partners of INKSYSTEM®, you receive a discount card that allows you to make all further purchases with 5% discount. The duration of discount card is not limited and can be applied to all certified points of INKSYSTEM®. Discount card is valid for INKSYSTEM products only.
The company provides customers with plastic discount card INKSYSTEM with id information on it. Each card has its own embossed number. The card carries the city code and serial number of the card owner. This information allows us to personalise the card and give you a discount.
     Discount cards are an essential component of INKSYSTEM® loyalty programme and are issued when receiving the order. To get a card, a customer must fill in a questionnaire in the representative office of the company.
     When ordering through an online shop, you can request a discount card by filling in a form.
     Discount programme from INKSYSTEM Company allows you to receive additional savings when buying our products. We care about provided services to meet all your requirements and you to be always pleased with the quality of our products!