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CISS - Continuous Ink Supply System is a device for minimizing printing expenses when using an ink-jet printer, an all-in-one device or a plotter.

  Continuous ink supply system review allows to say that this system managed to give inkjet printers a "second wind", and day after day never ceases to conquer the market of printers.

So, what is CISS?

  Continuous ink supply system (CISS) is a system made of interconnected vessels, capturing the ink to the print cartridges. Due to the vacuum created in the cartridge chamber, the process is ongoing, the ink is supplied from the donor vessels with the help of a multichannel silicone tube, filling the space of ink, consumed during printing. Continuous ink supply system does not affect the printer's configuration and fits well into design of any printer or MFP.

  Continuous ink system suppliers allow to reduce spending on consumables significantly and to cut down expenses on printing more than 30-40 times.

CISS installation is repaid almost immediately, this is an essential solution for office and home.


With the help of CISS Continuous ink system you will be able to print in high volumes without the risk of forced shutdown caused by the need to change the cartridge, which is unnecessary at all.

This CISS system also allows to secure print-head from damage by eliminating air when changing cartridges.

Continuous ink supply system is perfect for these who want to print a lot, efficiently and economically!

The history of continuous ink supply system

The history of continuous ink supply systems begins in 1993-94, when this miracle device was installed on the NovaJet plotter designed by the EnCad company for the first time. The first system of that times functioned along the same lines that are used in today's ink flow systems - the ink capacities of 500 ml were connected with the jet heads through pipes, only uncomfortable tubes have been replaced by more practical trails since then.

  At first CIS systems were assembled and produced only by third companies, but soon own design by EnCad company appeared. These systems were attached to plotters outside and were rather bulky, but in 1996 EnCad began producing new NovaJet Pro plotters (914 and 1270 mm width) with integrated continuous ink system . This event gave start to the production of ciss inks , a system that goes on conquering the market of expendables. A year later EnCad released two series of plotters with the ciss system installed at once: NovaJetPROe (1020 and 1520 mm width) and NovaCut (610 and 1370 mm). In 1997, the American Hewlett Packard Company and CalComp company also announced their plans of producing devices with built-in continuous ink systems. In 2003, ciss ink was first modernized in imitation of an inkjet printer. Development of continuous ink flow systems did not stop for a day and by 2005 had produced more than 50 kinds of CISS for virtually any inkjet printer, such as Epson, Canon, with different number of colors, types and forms of cartridges, appearance, and other parameters.

  On the 21st of April 2011, Epson introduced its first inkjet printer Epson L100, already equipped with the standard continuous ink supply system.

  Nowadays much is demanded of continuous ink systems in terms of reliability, availability, simplicity of installation and operation, and – first of all - economy.


  The principle of CISS functioning and the structure itself is simple. As ink is spent, it is transferred from storage tanks (donors) through a silicone tube into the cartridge. The number of such vessels equals the number of cartridges, and ink supply is fulfilled according to colors, thereby allowing to make significant savings on consumables.

Components of the CIS system:

  • donor capacities containing ink;
  • multichannel cable, transferring ink from containers to cartridges;
  • cartridges, the same as original
  • set of automatic chips (depending on the printer).
  • A little about donors

      In the first ciss ink systems 200ml bottles, containing an air filter and a tube inserted to the very bottom, served as ink tanks, but they could not provide a constant rate of ink outflow and later were replaced with the vessels, the functioning of which was based on the vascular Mariotte principle. Mariotte vessel, in fact, provides a constant rate of fluid outflow from the vessel, notwithstanding the liquid level in it. In our case, it provides regular flow of ink, under constant pressure, without reference to the quantity of ink remaining in the donor. Now both donor capacities and bulk ink systems can be different (from 100 to 500 ml) or Continuous ink supply allows to use not only original manufacturer's ink, which saves much on supplies.

    Loop function

      Donors are connected to the printing unit through a multichannel loop by which ink is transferred. The continuous ink loop must meet the requirements concerning solidity, flexibility and endurance. Typically, loops are made of silicone and can be 4 to 8 bonded tubes. Sometimes, as a result of disorderly filling of continuous ink flow systems with ink or impermeability failures the air bubbles appear, which in small quantity don't affect the print quality, and in the second case, are easily removed by returning the ink back to donors and their more careful refilling.

    Capsules or cartridges?

      Then, ink gets to the ink tank installed between the loop and print-head, which can be damping capsules or cartridges necessary for maintaining liquid column pressure. Hence the name - capsule ciss ink system and cartridge ciss ink system . To date, there is a variety of models and modifications of the systems that are simple and easy to install.

    CISS chips

    CISS chips

    Ink flow systems also have chips that inform processor printer about ink status and availability. In case of absence of ink they can block cartridge and printer operation as well automatically reset the data meter, thereby ensuring continuous operation.

    This is basic principle of ciss printer ink functioning; essentially quite simple system, properly coordinated, stabilized, with no extra frills, working for the benefit of quality and saving money.


    CIS system can be installed on most inkjet printers and MFPs.

      This may be better to use them for devices with built-in print-head, the list of which is growing every day. At the moment - it's more than 2000 models of printers / MFPs and Plotters Epson, Brother, HP and Canon. Following our extensive experience we can say that Epson printers and MFPs suit best for ciss continuous ink installation, as the basis of these printers is the Epson Micro Piezo print-head, known for its reliability and longevity.

    Why the INKSYSTEM company?

    INKSYSTEM company provides:

  • high quality and reliability of CIS systems;
  • potential 30-40 times savings;
  • quality warranty and service.
  •   INKSYSTEM is a beneficial solution for home and office. Our continuous system of ink supply are characterized by high quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Plus, continuous ink supply systems are already installed on our printers and filled. Thus, you not only reduce expenses on materials significantly, but also don't waste your time and money on buying a printer and CISS separately.

      We offer you the best ciss system , which will be your tool for high-quality and economical printing.

      Free ICC-profiles (color rendition profiles) for ink and photo paper are available for clients on the website. We value the reputation of our company and take care of the products' quality.

      The company's quality control system is working on all stages from CISS production, installation and to its use. Our experts perform pre-testing of all printers, plotters and MFP equipped with refillable cartridges (RC) or continuous inking system installed. Having made a purchase in one of our stores you will be able to see for yourself the high quality of our products.

      Among others, we continuous ink systems have are notable for their unique design and are best ciss because of their cost effectiveness and stability. With the INKSYSTEM ciss system you will not have problems with the transferring the CISS from one place to another.


      Our company's products, including the INKSYSTEM ink , are made in South Korea, where by using modern technology high quality of our products is provided.

       The INKSYSTEM ink is one of the best on the market of printing systems. Correspondence with the original consumables is 97-98%, and the color rendering reaches the professional level.

      Refillable INKSYSTEM cartridges (RC) are also just as good the original ones. Behind the ciss refill ink are simplicity and reliability. In contrast to the original cartridges, our bulk ink cartridges are long-run, owe to the built-in automatically renovated chips, you can refill the cartridge up to several hundred times without spending extra time and money on buying a new one.

    Ready INKSYSTEM solution

    Advantages of our proposal:

    1. The problem of compatibility is eliminated.

    Pritner with CISS

    The problem of compatibility of printer and cis system is ranked among the ciss ink system problems , but our device excludes this. A printer with the CISS INKSYSTEM installed always correctly identifies the bulk ink system and runs without any compatibility errors. The compatibility problem may occur in case of printer's release date and the date of CISS chips' production mismatch. With INKSYSTEM production such problems are impossible, as our experts test the printer and the CIS system compatibility before sending printer on the market.

    2. Quality guarantee.

      INKSYSTEM company values its customers and pays special attention to the goods quality. The company does not sell defective, unsteadily working CISS with workmanship or transport flaws and provides rigid quality control of its products at every stage. Our quality control system works at all stages – from CISS production to its operation by customer. When buying you a can be offered a ready-made solution (Printer + CISS). You can test that the device with CISS and print quality, having printed a nozzle test and a photo.

    3. High quality of color printing.

      One of the CISS objectives is to ensure the color match between the image on the computer screen and the one, printed on photo paper. The CISS INKSYSTEM color rendering is identical to the original materials to which our ink is not inferior in saturation and brightness. Often, when ordering ciss bulk ink separately, from a third manufacturer, after the installation on your printer you can't get a really high-quality printing. With the INKSYSTEM company this problem is eliminated. We offer free testing of this device in your presence practicing different modes and using various materials (paper, film, plastic).

      For professional photographers and designers, as well as for people aiming at achieving "perfect color rendering" we offer personal profiling, which is able to compensate distortion caused by color paper, ink, light, or the printer itself. Universal profiles for consumables - icc-profiles (color rendering profiles) are available for downloading from our website, or can be ordered personally for your printer for free.

    4. Easy to install.

      In some cases, the CISS installing is difficult, requiring certain skills and taking much time, so as a result while choosing the CISS one departs not from the device's quality, but from the point of easy installation. The INKSYSTEM company excludes the possibility of such problems. Continuous ink supply system is already installed on your printer, MFP or other printing device by professionals, and you can fully enjoy high quality of printing without wasting time and effort.


      For those who are tired of overpaying for expensive and short-life cartridges and who care about print quality and device's performance - INKSYSTEM offers continuous ink system installation on your printer or MFP.

      Working with our company - you work with high-skilled professionals. You can be sure that there are no problems while installing CISS on your printer. Installation and testing work of the system is carried out by representatives of our company free of charge. Experts will consult you and answer all the questions concerning bulk ink system .

      Ordering CISS INKSYSTEM to your printer you eliminate possible problems and risks that may be caused by improper installation of CISS.


    1. Only high-quality materials.

      Materials used for CISS INKSYSTEM production – polycarbonate is one of the most solid and wear-resistant plastics, moreover it combines a wide (compared to other plastics) temperature range, flexibility and longevity. Loops are made of a flexible, firm and abrasion-resistant silicone. We do not save up on resources, and aim at quality and reliability. With the CISS INKSYSTEM you are guaranteed safe from cracking, ink flowing and incorrect operation.

    2. Saving the price-quality ratio.

      The work of our company is directed to create a reasonable ratio of such main product selection indicators as price and quality. Sure, we are focused on achieving the best result, and that is impossible without following all the requirements to these systems' quality. We work for our customers, and that means keep the highest quality for a reasonable price.

    3. Quality warranty.

      All CISS INKSYSTEM are 365 days guaranteed. Warranty card making is performed in any office of the company when buying a continuous ink system . A wide network of service centers and high level of specialists allow to carry out warranty and post-warranty reparation of CISS and other INKSYSTEM products quickly and accurately.

    4. "Closer" to the buyer.

      After the very first purchase, you get a discount card. Buying INKSYSTEM continuous ink system you automatically become member of a discount program, under which you will make all further purchases already discounted a minimum of 5%.

    5. Everything we do is for you.

      The INKSYSTEM company - with us you can save when buying and enjoying products of the highest quality.

    Always in our assortment:

  • printers, MFPs and plotters with already installed CISS;
  • Epson, Canon, HP and Brother CISS;
  • refillable cartridges (RC);
  • ink.